Dysphagia concerns 36 yrs old Male

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Jun 22, 2022
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Good day to everyone. I’m currently reading a lot of posts here and I just need someone to talk to regarding my Oropharyngeal Dysphagia diagnosis recently. Upon reading this forum i know that my condition is not on the higher end of spectrum for ALS condition Due to my age (36) and the only symptom i have so far is Dysphagia (unable to eat solid foods) clear water is ok / thick water (some issues).

A little background on my condition:

OCTOBER/NOVEMBER - I got an infection of unknown origin causing esophagitis, chills, fever, bloating, acidic taste, I consulted online and got diagnosed with esophagitis and GERD. I was on antibiotics for a week and PPI for months. Did barium swallow after a month - no findings, all came up normal. I got better on December until April but my throat is not the same, there is some tightness and force whenever I eat solid. liquid is fine.

Now fast forward to April to my Dysphagia diagnosis

END OF APRIL- i suddenly have issue initiating swallow. I remember eating rice + fried fish then became stuck on my upper throat, I was thinking of swallowing it but my throat is immovable. It happened on the same day twice.

After that I cant hardly eat solid food, i did soft foods and liquid. After 2 weeks I visited my Gastroenterologist, He prescribed me PPI (possible GERD) but after a week my condition got worse, i cant even swallow soft food. I stick to liquid only diet.

Did endoscopy and barium swallow. all came out normal (NO GERD. ESOPHAGUS OK, NO STOMACH ISSUES)

MAY - i visited speech/swallowing specialist and deed FEES endoscopy (camera tube to see your throat while swallowing) he saw abnormalities, my throat is taking several swallows before I can clear my throat to any liquids of various thickness.

He referred me to a neurologist.

JUNE - after Neurologist appointment he asked me for an MRI, I’m still waiting for a schedule until now.

I did my own research on possible neurologic dysphagia condition and ALS came up. I’m just really curious if Dysphagia is the initial onset of Lumbar ALS. I know this condition is rare especially my age and lumbar ALS is even rarer.
I don’t have other symptoms but losing a lot of weight due to liquid diet. But I remember doctor telling me to monitor if my condition progress or will experience new symptoms.

Any insights will definitely help me ease my mind. Thank you so much
Dysphagia as the only presenting symptom would be unusual because if those nerves were compromised, we would expect some level of problems with breathing and/or speech. If it were part of an ALS picture, that would be bulbar, not lumbar. The odds are very much in your favor that it relates to some other and likely more treatable condition.

As you go through the diagnostic process, if you are losing a lot of weight that you don't have spares of, I would ramp up smoothies/soups with bananas, eggs, nut butters, cream, pureed frozen fruit and tender meat, ice cream, all manner of high nutrition, high calorie foods. You will need a high power blender like a Ninja. In summer, you can mix in cubes or shaved ice if that works for you.

Thank you so much laurie for your response.
Please, don't play doctor - you are going to scare yourself silly. Laurie gives some great advice above.
Yeah, thanks.. trying not to overthink.. just had MRI and it was all normal. No additional symptoms progressed. Im now being referred to a Physiatrist for rehabilitation.. neurologist say this is priority as of now. As for the root cause of my Oropharygeal Dysphagia still unknown. I hope Physiatrist can help :)
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