Dysphagia and muscle twitching, 28 Male


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Apr 18, 2024
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I developed dysphagia about a month ago and visited a GP who then sent me to an ENT and everything in the checks we’re normal. The problem is with solid foods, liquids I can drink just fine, but with solids, the swallowing reflex just is not there.

Few weeks ago I also started having muscle twitching all over my body, but mostly concentrated in my legs. This has been going on for every day.

The problem now is that I contacted a doctor again about how to work this issue out and he just brushed my worries under the carpet and told me not to worry about it. I don’t have the money to use private healthcare services and only can afford public healthcare but that has seemingly run to a dead end.

So looking for some words of wisdom, am I worried for nothing or what could I do at this point?

It's not really clear what the trouble might be- you have been cleared of neurological and structural issues by the ENT, it seems, so ALS is not the issue. There are many reasons for dysphagia, including anxiety/hypervigilance. It is reasonable to ask to return to the ENT to create a plan of some sort to help you with the sensation of being unable to swallow.

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It is also reasonable to keep a food diary against possible adult-onset allergies/GERD, drink more non-alcoholic liquids (before and after eating as well as during), and check your furnace filters and environmental exposures outside the home.