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Jun 26, 2012
Green Bay
Unfortunately my aunt lost her battle with ALS in January of last year. My uncle has sold or donated most of the equipment they had. I am trying to help him sell the last two bigger items he is trying to sell. Hopefully we can help somebody else dealing with this disease.

DynaVox VMax with EyeMax and interAACT software.
Purchased new in 2010. Hasn't been used since January 2011.
The specifications for this particular VMax are:

DynaVox VMax w/ eyesight tracker
Intel Celeron 800MHz processor
1 GB ram
wireless a/b/g
80 GB hard drive
Interaact series five software
Windows XP with service pack 3
all manuals and materials included
USB keyboard and mouse
good battery life
mounting adaptors included

This unit was hardly ever used.

The capabilities of the VMax include, but are not limited to:

- with the eyemax, can be adjusted to move the mouse with your eyes.
- can be hooked up to the internet via WI-FI
- capable of email, chat & instant messaging with most popular protocols, accessed via the vmax interface
- can be made to answer the phone and make phone calls
- can be programmed to operate as a remote control for most A/V equipment.

Originally cost $18,000. Will sacrifice for $3,000.

Located in Green Bay, WI. Shipping is a possibility if you are not near us.

Please call Rick (my uncle) at (920) 4 Nine 4 - Four 7 Seven 5 for further information.
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