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Apr 23, 2011
We're selling a Dynavox Vmax Series 5 which speaks North American English. This is an "open" device - it starts in the Dynavox communication program, but when this program is closed, it can be used as a standard MS Windows XP computer.

This unit has been used lightly since 2007 by my sister who has cerebral palsy. Due to her combination of cortical visual impairment and high muscle tone, this Dynavox was not an effective communication tool for her. My family is now looking to sell the unit to someone who can use it, with hopes of finding a device better suited to my sister's abilities.

I can't attach photos on my first post on alsforums, so I've placed 15 photos on my webshots page, visible here: Dynavox Vmax Series 5 for sale pictures from family photos on webshots

This Dynavox includes everything shown in all photos, listed specifically below:
- One Dynavox Vmax Series 5
- Charger for Vmax Series 5
- Wheelchair mount for Vmax Series 5 - very nice, see photos
- Targus carrying case - used, but still protects the device
- Netgear wireless adapter - allows the Vmax to connect to wireless networks, similar to a typical laptop computer
- CDs containing "standard device files" and Netgear wireless adapter drivers
- Miscellaneous manuals and flashcards from Dynavox
- Miscellaneous helpful items which came with the Dynavox, mount or wireless adapter, including a dry pen, allen wrench, USB extension cord . . .

I'm willing to ship everything listed above or arrange for pickup with a local buyer (the unit is in Milwaukee, WI). Insured shipment costs are included in the total price; if you are able to pick up the unit, take $100 off the listed price. I will work out payment terms with you directly if you are interested in purchasing the device.

Finally, if you purchase the unit, we will contact Dynavox and inform them that we have transferred the device to you. I can't guarantee this, but I think this will make you eligible for technical support through Dynavox for this particular unit. Again, I don't know if such support is free . . . I was just told that this step needs to be taken for Dynavox to provide you with tech support.

We're asking $2000 for everything listed above/shown in the photos. Please reply to this thread or send me an email at tsnbsentinel (at) gmail (dot) com with questions or for more information.
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