Dynavox Vmax+eyemax substitute+Daessy rolling mount

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Oct 18, 2011
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January 8th, 2012
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I am selling an unused Dynavox V, Series 5,North American English Speaking Series, VMAX, SVGA , 256MB Ram, 40 Gig, Speech Device.

It comes with SCATIR switch to use your Dynavox with minimal movement of the eye-blink, head, facial muscle etc. if needed.

I purchased this device for my mom, but unfortunately, her illness progressed quickly and she never had the opportunity to use it. I would like to pass this device on to someone else who needs it. I am selling this device at a very large discount as it is very expensive and out of the price range of those most in need.


Dynavox V Series 5 Console
Carry Case
Software installed
Wall Charger
Detailed Manual for Hardware and Software
USB Keyboard
Dry Dynavox pen for easy push screen use
Included Dynavox pamphlets

Scatir Switch by Tash which can be set up to control Dynavox by eye-blink, eyebrow movement, finger movement, head movement or facial muscle movement if needed. Includes gooseneck mounting or eyeglasses mounting option.

Daessy 32" Rolling Mount

The Dynavox is brand new and has never been used and can be easily set up to the users specifications and settings. Everything is in full working order. All user guides and manuals ARE included as this device can be set up very uniquely to each user. It was purchased for $11,999 for this device including the software, carrying case, keyboard and upgrades. I am willing to sell this device for $4,000 plus actual cost for shipping.

Please Email me at [email protected] if you have any questions at all. You can also contact me at 1-508-680-4715.

I am located on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Thank you very much, Jurgita...
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