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Jul 12, 2011
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West Virginia
I have a practically brand new Dynavox Vmax/Eyegaze computer speaking system for sale. I purchased it for my father, in 2010, and he sadly passed away in June after a long battle with ALS. He probably got near 2 months usage out of it, before he could no longer use it. It was around $18,000 for everything, and I'm asking $6,500 or make me an offer for the system. It comes with a "connect it" rolling floorstand mount that retails for $1,470. The Vmax retails for $8,420 and the eyemax/eyegaze retails for $7,000. It has windows xp loaded to the machine. It is in perfect working order, and I can provide pictures if wanted. The computer hangs from the mount, in front of a person, and that person can use his/her eyes to select letters, words, sentences and much more. It enabled my dad to have a final voice when he couldn't speak naturally, and there's no price I could ever put on that. It's an amazing feat of technology, not to mention the computer is internet compatable, you can email from it, and even synchronize it to your television to use the system as a remote control for your tv. My dad would watch NFL games on sundays and flip through the channels using this system. It does tons more that I haven't even mentioned. If you're interested, you can leave me a reply on here with your email address, or send me an email at [email protected], please put "Dynavox" in the title of your email. Thank you
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