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Jun 8, 2012
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I have a Blue, like Brand New Condition, touch Screen Dynavox V Series, 256MB Ram, 40 Gig, Speech Device. for sale. purchased Feb 2011 for my son. The original price was 7,790, plus another $1,000 for software, carrying case, keyboard and upgrades. Asking 2,600. I am selling this device at a very large discount as it is very expensive and out of the price range of those most in need.

Suitable for all ages with a wide range of adaptations this robust system can be wheelchair mounted or used as a desktop system. It is suitable for those who have real difficulties with oral communication and can be adapted to suit most in-put systems when dexterity and mobility are issues.

The Dynavox comes with

Dynavox V Series 5 Console
1 GB USB flash drive
Power adaptor and power cord
Device Carry Case w/handle and shoulder strap
Software installed
User resource binder including Page Editing Software for Windows XP/Vista CDs, Training Videos and User Files CD, and Training Materials and Upgrade Files CD
DynaVox Series 5 software with InterAACt
DynaSyms Symbol set
Picture Communication Symbols (PCS)
Nuance RealSpeak Karen and Lee Australian voices
AT&T Natural US and UK English voices
Acapela HQ US English voices
Microsoft English voices
DECtalk English voices
VeriVox English voices
Boardmaker with Speaking Dynamically Pro
Wall Charger
Detailed Manual for Hardware and Software
USB keyboard with 2-port hub (Never Used)
Dry Dynavox pen for easy push screen use
Included Dynavox pamphlets
Starting Guide

Key Features and Benefits

Now with Solid State Drive (SSD) -- for faster, cooler performance and more durable in addition to less noise. This feature is only available on the silver colour model.

Bright High Resolution 21.3cm (8.4") Screen -- The ambient light sensor automatically improves visibility in all light conditions.

Rate Enhancement -- Word and phrase prediction, "slots" and "quickfires" enhance rate of communication. Find out more about Rate Enhancement.

Word Morphology -- Streamlines the process associated with composing a message by revising parts of speech to ensure that communication is always appropriate (e.g. automatically conjugating verbs into the proper form).

InterAACt Page Sets -- A clinical research-based language framework that provides ready-made vocabularies for emergent, situational and creative communicators. Visual Scenes provide illustrative and contextual means for navigation and communication. Find out more about InterAACt.

Navigator Page Set -- Ideal for use by literate communicators. Alphabet-based for intuitive, out-of-the-box use, it focuses on keyboards and core words, and includes content driven by words and phrases common in spoken language. Pages are structured, and buttons sized, with simplicity in mind, making it ideal for social interaction and natural communication. Find out more about the Navigator Page Set.

Nuance RealSpeak Karen and Lee Australian Voices -- Now available for clear realistic Australian English speech. Listen to Nuance RealSpeak demo This is an external link.

AT&T Natural Voices -- Interaction has never been easier! The AT&T voices included on the V and Vmax are unparalleled in clarity and projection. Communicate with a realistic-sounding voice that makes everyday communication virtually effortless. Hear AT&T Natural Voice demo This is an external link.

Large Forward-Firing Speakers -- Large 8.9cm (3.5") speakers enable you to be heard in places with high ambient noise levels.

Drag-and-Drop Editing -- Makes it easy to select images, sounds and video from the Internet, a computer or external drive and assign them to pages or buttons.

Boardmaker Bridge -- Import Boardmaker pages you have created into your device.

Import Content -- Content created using the DynaVox 3100, Series 4 devices, MO Series, M3 Series, IntelliTools Classroom Suite can be easily imported into the Series 5 Software.

Supports Multiple Users on the Same Device -- Allow each of those users to customise the device to suit their personality and communication needs.

Full Suite of Computer Access Features -- Allow users to access email and other computer applications (such as compose and print word processor documents) with more flexibility and control; making the Series 5 Software the most functional in the industry. software suite is included. These features are available on the standard version only.

Integrated Email Access with Free Email Account -- Send a message with a single button using any access method. In the dedicated version, email is available only through the Series 5 software.

Internet Access Software Onboard -- Supports users of any access method, for example Microsoft Outlook, Messenger and web browsing with the included Mozilla Firefox browser with accessibility add-on. Access to Internet software not available in the dedicated version.

Text Messaging Capabilities -- Available via Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone

Environmental Control with learning IR transmitters built-in -- Remote controls household appliances from virtually any angle using the dual infrared ports.

eBook Reader -- Download eBooks in DAISY and text format from the Internet and read them aloud.

Onscreen keyboard and mouse controls

DynaSyms and animated PCS symbol sets included

Windows XP based and open architecture allows users to run any Windows XP compatible software (standard version only)

A built-in spell-checker that can check the spelling of all messages composed within the Message Window.

Digital image, video and sound support

Mayer-Johnson's popular Boardmaker with Speaking Dynamically Pro included, provides a familiar operating environment on a new platform (standard version only)

Includes life tools such as Calculator, Reminder and Address Book. Supports Web Cam!

How-to video tutorials included on the device

Internet-based upgrades and remote technical support

Speech-Output A child foccussed on her pink DynaVox V
Nuance RealSpeak Karen and Lee Australian Voices, AT&T Natural Voices, Acapela HQ, DECtalk, VeriVox, Microsoft voices and digitised speech

And so much MORE!

Asking $2,600. Plus Shipping. I reside in Daytona Fl. If you are interested please PM me.
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