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Mar 3, 2011
Friend was DX
I am posting this for a family in our community.. The young lady who used the dynavox has recently moved in with her sister after their mothers death.
The family has acquired some large expences, in making their home safe & accesible. So they are selling some of the equiptment that isnt in regular use to help out.
I have taken several pictures of the unit & accessories that are included, if you are intrested email me & I will send them to you.
I have powered the unit on, calibrated the screen, and went through several of the screens to ensure that everything is in working order.
***PLEASE NOTE - I have found that on the picture screen, 2 of the buttons do not work, but in other screens the buttons in the same position do. I am not sure if this is a setting or 'normal' for the unit... I personally dont know a lot about them.
INCLUDED is - computer/moniter ** page editing software & quick start guide Disc **AccessIT device (looks like a sort of motion dector?) **2 mounting brackets still in the original pkgng * USB cable ** FRM clamp outter PC, still in sealed packaging ** Application & use book ** 5 New feature bulletins (looks like these were probably sent as updates as they became available) ** Screen protector / button guide ** User manual ** Carrying case** Powercord
... I would say the over all condition of the complete unit is very good.. The touch screen is in excellent condition, no signs of rubbing, no scratches ect.. The unit was said to be used very little.
$3400.00 is what the family would like to get for all of it, but will consider all offers.

We are set up through our business to accept credit or debit cards.

Feel Free to call or email me @

479-774-3019 (Kristy) or [email protected]
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