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Feb 3, 2015
Lost a loved one
The Dynavox was only used during 5 training lessons before it began being too hard for my Mother to use. It has Eyemax with is still factory sealed and comes with wheelchair and floors support package.

Paid $9,200 for it and it is still in nearly new condition. Asking $3,000 OBO. Willing to ship within the USA.

DynaVox | Products - Maestro

Is this dynavox system still available? My wife has ALS and she is having problems with speech and understanding. Let me know and we will discuss options. I will need to know the model and serial number so that I can get more information about what is available.

Thank you.
I am so sorry to hear your wife is living with ALS! My Mother was in my care for nearly a year before she passed in Dec 2013. It has taken me over a year to get past her death, but I happy to hear that I may be able to assist you and your wife in this matter.
May I first ask where you happen to hopes of speeding this along?
As far as the serial number, etc I will get you that and any other information you need tomorrow.

Thanks kindly and I apologize for my delay!

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We live in North Georgia just below Chattanooga, TN. I have a Dynavox rep that has helped me previously and showed this system to us at an ALS support group meeting. I just need to know what all you have and whether it is a complete system. Someone had given us an older communication device but it would cost a large amount to upgrade the software and get an eyegaze unit. I am not sure I can afford $3000 at one time but I may be able to pay it over a month or two.


Hello Alton!

Here is the information I know for sure. Everything is here as we had bought it new, but I am not the best at figuring out exactly what you may need as far as numbers et al.

The serial number for the Dynavox Maestro is MDC01712 and it has Windows 7 Home Prem OA with the number GFC-00854.

The DynaVox EyeMax is still sealed in its blue plastic, but the serial number for it is EM009111.

These also come with support system (similar looking to a Hoyer lift) which can roll on the floor under a bed or wherever it is needed AND components of the like which attach to an electric wheelchair.

Honestly, my Mom declined too fast to ever us it more than as a remote or for simple type-to-speech function. I am sure you know of its awesome capabilities, but I have not seen those used and we were not far enough along in trying to program it to see them all.

Thanks much! And if you like. we can continue this conversation via normal email. I can access my email anywhere, whereas this forum would take more effort to access remotely.

Thanks again and best wishes!
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