DX with ALS Mar. 2003, registered Mar 2003 at ALS Societ,Ca

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May 7, 2003
Registered March 2003 at ALS Society of Canada at the old forum software. My login ( user ) name is Stella. Diagnosed with ALS March 2003.

Registered May 2003 at ALS Society of Canada at the new online community. My login (user ) name has remained Stella.

I had ongoing conversations at the old message board and continue these in the new online community. I need these discussions with my friends (and find more friends ) here at ALS Society of Canada.

This new community will bring us more together and give us time for relaxing and supporting all who need it.

Thanks to ALS Society of Canada for all the hard work, dedications, this new online community and all the good to come.


I would like to say thank you for signing up to this new forum and apologize that we were unable to migrate the old user accounts to this new system.

An email was sent out to notifying the old forum users to sign up here, thanks for taking the time.

Best wishes.
Thank you ,David Wilson. we users have more communication

We can now be on instant messenger with PALS and CALS, more often. This keeps us is better contact, because it is good to hold on to what we enjoyed before ALS interfered with our lives.
We can discuss all we need in our spare time and feel more relaxed. The new online community gives us other opportunities to partake in new friendships which we need, day and night. There is so much that we have to discuss about our lives, our futures, our happiness and even some of our past which we do not need.
Now we can find ways here to bring along the best of our past and make us feel whole again. Also there are choices we have and we can discuss how we can use these.

Thank you
Newfoundland and Labrador
I am not alone when I find out about others diagnosed with ALS

Hello PALS and all others, I have ALS.
I have more understanding, knowing PALS are going through emotional pain as I am. Sometimes I feel mentally peaceful. Some times I burst out crying suddenly. Some times I don't know who I am. I am not the woman I used to be. I isolate myself some times, from most of my friends. A few years ago, a few of them hurt me, emotionally.

Now I trust only two or three of them. Invitations from the others, get me thinking about some people who are gossipers, nosey, ignorant, news bags, criticisers, not listeners, arguement starters, ...am I saying too much?

Only PALS feel the emotional suffering and wondering why we should have ALS. Nobody should have ALS. This disease is supposed to , after awhile, make us brave and get us learning how to use more parts of our brains.

I know it is good for me to be interested in any thing that helps me feel better and normal. I know my hobbies help me, but procrastination is overcoming me some times. My future, my future. Those who do not have ALS, don't have our thoughts about the future, our future and others's futures; not exactly.

I know there is a Higher Power who is helping me, but I am not strong enough, emotionally, to remember this Great Power all the time. Thanks for reading this.

Wabush, Labrador, NF, Canada
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