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Apr 7, 2007
About 15 years ago, when my PALS friend, John, was still a teacher, he ran a fund raiser where his students bought 3ft. stretches of duct tape to tape him to the wall :
The attached picture is John's first tape job...

John has been our principal for 6 years...I've obtained the original pictures of him and I talked to some of the kids about running a fund raiser at a Basketball game to tape Two of our beloved teachers to the wall for ALS research on behalf of our courageous principal who continues to lead our school and community despite his struggles with ALS. 3Ft for $2.

On Jan 22, Two teachers will be taped to the high school wall through donations made toward duct tape stretches, raising funds toward ALS research on behalf of John.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we try to help research funding - and if you are interested in making a donation, please PM me! :mrgreen:


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Thank You, that pic made me smile, no easy feat I assure you.
Smiles are good! Glad it brightened your day, one reason I posted it!
What a wonderful idea! I'm sure John will get a kick out of it too.
Great pic and a nice reason to smile.
Fun! I've always known duct tape could fix most anything. Now if it can just "fix" ALS...

Good luck with your fund raising!
Wow what an awesome picture and such a creative way to raise money......just curious how long did it take to unductape him....ouch!Gina........sort of looks like a superhero with wings!lol

What a fabulous idea! I know kids at our school would GLADLY pay money to duct tape a teacher to the wall! We have a cash drive every year to raise money for different charities and quite often several hundred dollars are raised to get a teacher to shave his head...but they've never done the duct tape thing. I'll have to mention it! Is John still principal? What school?

Our fantastic Principal

Hi MarciaA!
Thank you for your reply - Yes John is still our pricipal - Marshfield High School. He was Dx'd 20 months ago - he cant walk very far - uses his power chair. His speech and volume are greatly affected - but Man, can he run a school! He has incredible Vision and knows how to approach change and confront problems. We cherish every day he is there running the school.. Our students have become far more in tune to their mortality and value of life. That is a lesson that our students continue to learn, every day they see John. We want him to stay as long as possible. check our web page!

Thanks for your support!
Tonight's Taping!

We are set for taping up some teachers tonight in honor of our coragious principal! If you haven't seenn the picture of our PALS when he was a young, daring teacher, go to the first entry and enjoy! I will be our school mascot drumming up support & sales through mascot antics tonight! - Any Ideas for me, please share!
I'll do just about anything if I'm able to hide in a costume!:mrgreen:I'll try to post pictures tomorrow and let you know our $$earned for ALSA

How did the duct tape fundraiser go? We're waiting for pictures!


Hey - we endured a very cold evening - but with the turn out we had, it went well - $780 in 3 hours - pretty good- - I'll try to post pics tomorrow- life in Highschool has been crazy with the closing of the semester - and I'm wrestling with a new laptop:evil:

Covering the body in ways such as this, with duct tape, plastic wrap etc... or even burying someone in the sand on the beach.... can cause kidney damage or failure, depending on the length of time a person is wrapped. In another instance, long ago my one son spray painted his brother with a can of spray paint when they were little kids. The child was wearing shorts and a tank top. I had to call in my mother and mother in law, lay him on the kitchen table, and we all worked quickly to remove the paint from his body. My MIL was a nurse, and she knew of the danger. Please take notice everyone.
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