Drooping eyelids

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Sep 4, 2006
Hi folks,
I have a question about drooping eyelids.
I wear trifocal glasses, and when I try to read, as I look down through the lowest lens my eyelids droop and seem to get so heavy that I can't hold them open. It seems like I haven't slept for a long time, but I'm not sleepy.
It has got so bad that I now use books on tape, but that doesn't help with the newspaper !
Does anyone else have this problem ?
eyes tearing and burning

Hi Bob

Thanks for posting about eyes. I cannot figure out how to post a new thread as I wanted to ask if anyone has the tearing problem that my husband has.

I took him to an Opthamologist (md for eyes) and he said his eyes are fine.

But was wondering if anyone gets the tears and burning in their eyes?

Hope your question gets some replies also.

Bob and Pattty

Hi! Bob I am from Mobile. Pratically your neighbor.

Patty, Tim does have a lot of secretions in his eyes. They almost have to be wiped constantly. From what I understand that is not uncommon in some ALS patients. Also having extra salva in mouth.

Bob, I am not sure about the drooping eyelids. I do know that even with Tim's glasses-Bifocals he can't see much looking down either. I haven't read much at all about eye problems. But as we know with this disease almost anything is possible.

Patty go to the Topic on the main page as in "Do I have ALS" click on that and you can start a new thread. Don't click on the currrent post on the right side of the page that is already a post to a thread.


My Mother is having problems with her eye's 'burning' too, though wasn't really sure if it was a symptom. She has spoken about columns in newspapers crossing over each other. She has always had a weakness in her eye muscle, but it seems to be getting worse. We saw the opticians recently and she has been prescribed reading glasses with 'prisms' in, to bring things back into focus. Hope this helps.

I have also battled the painful eye thing, but I have made some progress on that front. I finally concluded that the problem was due to two issues. First, my eyes don't blink with normal efficiency. they blink much slower, and unless I force them, they don't close all the way. This results in dry eyes, which causes thicker tears. These tears dry on the eyelids and can block tear ducts. Second, because I don't take regular showers (washing with soap then flooding with water until soap and eye crusties are gone), the build up of dried tears is never completely removed.

To solve these problems we have added another ritual to our morning routine. Before I open my eyes in the morning, Jen wipes my lids with a warm, damp wash cloth. I then open them and she puts a drop of non-medicated, non-thickened, lubricating tears in each eye. I blink a few times and wait for them to dry on the edges of my lids. I can actually feel the old crystallized tears migrating across my eyes and accumulating around the edges. We repeat the wiping and drops several times during our morning routine until my eyelids no longer feel stiff, usually 5 to 10 times. It is not perfect, but results in a far less painful day.

Hi Patty,
On the PALS forum at the top of the page is a green button that says " New Thread".
Just click on that and away you go.
Thanks dear friends for your help! I will try sometime! :) Patty
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