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May 22, 2008
Hi guys. My neuro set up the referral for Mayo Clinic and I am scheduled to see Dr. Krueger. Anyone heard of him?

They set me up for next Tuesday, which was a shock because they initially told me it could take 4-12 weeks to get in. I'm not sure if we will have to re-schedule or not- thats awful soon to coordinate Dan (husband) and I's work schedule and care of our 3 kids and dog. They also said it could take 3-5 days there, which was also not something I was expecting. Maybe 1 or 2.

My heart was going a mile a minute when they called, because I was expecting to get a packet in the mail or something.

Please give me some advice anyone who is familiar with Mayo or this Dr. or anything-really.

THanks for being there-
Hi Cindy!

I am in the same boat with stange symptoms and in limboland!

I would do whatever you can to make the appt! You could see when next availabe is. (you may be filling a cancellation if it takes 4-12 weeks). I thought it would take awhile for me to get into mine, and when they gave me the time, I made it happen. I have 3 kids also, but did not have to travel or stay overnight.

If you can get into Mayo and have all the test done, you need to do it.

Please take care and update us on the vist.

bless you!

Thanks, for your encouragement April. Tomorrow when I call, I am going to see if we can go in early August. (just a few more weeks to plan!) We do have to plan financially, as it is about 9 hours from here, so gas, food, motel...etc. We could make it happen, but would rather have a little more time if we could.
I am thinking about asking one of my nieces to stay here with the kids and dog. We have a 15,11 7 yr old. Our dalmatian either needs to stay here with someone or be kenneled she has some agressive tendencies toward other dogs, but does great at the Kennel. Also- trying to plan for time off from work. We both just used a weeks vacation a month ago, and Dans has only 13 hours of ATO remaining. But if it needs to happen that soon, we will just fasten our bootstraps and head out Monday after work and drive through the night. And hope the appt. take closer to the 3 days than the 5.
I- have n't talked to my supervisor about it.( I have one close confident at work that has been elvauating the dysfunction in my arm, but she is sworn to secrecy!)
I mentioned to my supervisor thatI was having some Dr. appts back in the Winter, but haven't said anything since, I am worried because I need my physical health to do my job. The only difficult thing at work thus far is trying to cover up my problems while treating patients..pushing wheelchairs with overweight people or heavy oxygen tanks and have been avoiding tranfserring patients out of their chairs at all costs. I also am very clumsy now because we have so many people treating in the therapy gym and its really cluttered and like a maze to get through. Anyhow. Enough yammering on now. Gotta get this outa my head and THAT is why this forum is great.

I do agree, it might be the perfect opportunity, so we'll see what happens tomorrow when I call.
Hi Cindy, although only you know how difficult it might be for you to make it on such short notice, I'd really think it best not to pass up the opportunity! In the airline industry we have a little saying amongst us to "never pass up a plane going in your direction", and I think that is very applicable to available appointments at a major center such as Mayo. You might even run the risk of the coordinator not thinking you were that interested in getting in and would not see you as much of a priority as another patient with the same need for scheduling. Good luck either way :)
Don't be surprised at your quick date for Mayo's. When ALS is suspected, you tend to get in quickly.
When we went (it was in 2002), we saw Dr. B. Mark Keegan. He was OK, but I have a few suggestions and tips based on our visit:
1) Call Mayo's back and ask what Dr. Krueger's specialty is. You especially want to know if he has dealt with ALS.
2) The reason you will be there longer than you anticipated is that they will probably rerun all the tests you may have had (They do want all the records of the tests you have had up to this point, but they will not just look at those) and run others you may not have not had . At the least you can expect an EMG, blood work, urine analysis. If you have already had a muscle biopsy, bring the results (I think we brought the slide too)--they don't like to repeat this one. Mayo's will want you to have all your test results before you go home--some of them take a few days to process. The nice thing about the 4-5 days is that all your appointments will be done there in those days--no waiting for visits spread out over weeks and going to various parts of a hospital.
3) There is a housing (motel) list for Rochester. Motels vary in cost, but there are some very reasonable places to stay. I'm not for sure on this one, but Rochester Bible College may house patients in their dorms for a small cost (many colleges do things like this). The college is not downtown, but it is a reasonable drive to Mayo's.
Good Luck--my prayers are with you,
Alright guys- We decided to make a run for it and take this appointment. Thank you for all of your suggestions and advice,encouragement so far. You have no idea how helpful it is to have this site!
Please pray for my husband,Dan he works long hours as a nurse and this is going to wipe him out,too. We are leaving Monday after we get off work and driving through the night and then if we get back Thursday night he plans to work Friday. Ugh

Alright- off to accumulate medical records and try to find lodging.Daughter to her piano party and son gets braces today-hoooey. I will check into the Bible College- thank you!
thanks again-
Best of luck, Cindy. The Mayo has helped more than one member around here. I am glad you decided to go!

Good luck with your appointment, please keep us posted.
Good luck and I wish you a safe trip and pray for you.

what location

Mayo is pretty thorough, but i left after 2 wks. / no diagnosis, had to go to ALS clinic in SF.

Good Luck, God Bless

Cindy and Dan--
I'll pray you have a safe and useful trip. God bless and keep you.
Thank you everyone for the well wishes. We are busy getting everything set up and ready and things are falling into place nicely-thanks to my family and friends. I am so thankful.
We will leave Monday after work and I'll sign on again once we get home and let you all know what we discover. I did snoop in my neurology reports and he did state my symptoms are consistant with a demyelinating disorder or mnd- but we KNOW it could still be MANY other things, so we will continue to focus on the "other" things!

I will continue to pray for all of you on this great forum!

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