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Oct 5, 2007
One of Leo's articles is about the use of medicinal Marijuana to help with symptoms and to perhaps prolong life.
Does it work? Would non medicinal work as well - if eaten in cakes etc? It's not an arrestable offence in the UK and would probably be easier to get hold of than the medicinal stuff. If anyone is uncomfortable in replying on the forum, could they PM me? Thanks :)

WOW! I was going to ask about the use of marijuana but wasn't sure of the response I would get, my husband has als and smokes on a daily basis, he has spoke to his dr and the response was at this point in the game do what makes you feel comfortable, my husband is a popular musician and I have also wondered if the use of other recreational drugs could of maybe added to the onset of this disease, I do know that all this als stuff started after taking a fall from a stage during a concert, and since then has fallen twice and both times it has seemed to make this horrible disease progress rapidly.Hasn't fallen in over a year and has seemed to not to be moving so quickly. He was a year ago this time at a major biker rally standing up and then fell walking after that and now is in a wheelchair. I hate this disease, I am knew to this forum and it has HELPED me tremendously. I really admire reading the posts and comments from the fireman AL. You really remind me of my hubby, even though you have the illness it seems like you are being strong for the rest of us, I truly admire you. I pray everyday for all of us. Any more info on the marijuana use would be helpful, I am concerned about his lungs, but he doesn't care.
Hi Annette - I agree, this site is terrific - I only joined the beginning of October, shortly after my Mother was diagnosed :( . I check new posts every day, just in case I miss something important - I'm sure other people do the same.

The article mentions the possibility of the smoke affecting the maybe it could be crumbled into cakes? Just a thought ;)

Take Care

I don't know about using Marijuana for relief of ALS symptoms however my friend was prescribed Marinal, (sp?) another form of Marijuana it think, to increase her appetite. She was suppose to take it morning and night but stopped the daytime dose because it made her too sleepy.

A few years ago my very old grandmother (96) was in the final stages of some form of cancer of the blood and had no desire to eat. My grandmother's doctor offered to write a script for medical Marijuana to increase her appetite. After much discussion and hand wringing, my extremely conservative mother and her equally naive sisters agreed to accept the RX, had it filled and proceeded to "sprinkle" it onto the ice cream they gave to grandma. After a few days they wondered why it was not working.

Thankfully the next day a cousin stopped by to visit and "educated" the sisters on the necessity of baking it into something or smoking it. Grandma spent the last few days of her life feeling very mellow! If she only knew . . .
For those who are losing weight due to loss of appetite or nausea, I used medical marijuana to combat those symptoms for a couple years. (It is legal in my state, and I had a Doctor recommendation.) I used a vaporizer, so I was not inhaling smoke. I don't like to feel loopy during my productive hours. I only used it at night before bed. The hunger effect lingers for 24 hours. There are also a few beneficial side-effects. It was a better sleep medication than any of the pharmaceuticals I take now, it virtually eliminated my fasciculations, and it dries secretions.

Thanks for all the information everyone :) I'll look into this and re post if I have any queries.


I had often wondered about marijuana as well. i know the effect it will have on appetite from my younger days (tee hee), but i'm glad to hear it helps with fasticulations. it never did much for me but make me eat, and make me paranoid. :?:

what about anxiety? my mother in law seems to have alot of anxiety....would this help or hurt her? she has mentioned it a couple of times that she would try it if she could get it. I haven't pursued it because i wasn't sure if it would help or hurt. I'm not worried about smoking because she is a heavy smoker of cigarettes anyway, and at this point, it won't change the outcome of this disease either way, so she might as well be happy is my view.

i was afraid to ask this question, so i'm glad it was brought up.
Please just keep track of how much you are putting in food, and only give her alittle at a time.
When you smoke it, you know how much you are consuming, when you bake with it you don't know how much you are giving her at one time. It's great in brownies.
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