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Oct 5, 2007
If someone is choking a little then coughing up mucus, is that a good sign? Although its clearly not 'healthy' it does show that they're getting it off their chest, right?
i dont know but that happens to me sometimes.
I'm no doctor but I would say that as long as you cough it (mucous) up the better off you are. As long as there is no blood in it and you aren't running a fever or feel bad (flu like or cold symptoms). My husband drools and coughs up salavia and mucous all the time and the Hospice nurse says it could be allergies because his lungs always sound clear. Hope that helps. Donna-WV
Hi Cukita, thanks for replying. Hope you're ok :)

Best wishes

Hi Donna

That does put my mind at ease so thank you :)

Hope you and your husband are doing well.

Best wishes

We had a doctor today and it seems she has a chest infection. We have antibiotics so hopefully it will pass soon.
Hi Steve. Have the antibiotics started working yet?

my son is asthmatic and has a weak chest due to infections since he was a toddler he can be really ill and unable to breathe, very scarey sometimes so i understand your concern with your mum, chest infections can be nasty with someone with a chronic illness or asthma.i hope the antibiotics work ok but they can take a few days before you start to see any improvement.
take care
Hi Cindy, Hi Caroline

The feverish symptoms seem to have lessened today but we had another doctor in (her regular one), who started talking about trips to hospital for 'professional' care (intravenous antibiotics and possibly draining her lung) if things don't improve. She has now had four doses of the antibiotics so hopefully things will improve further as a stay in hospital is out of the question at the moment (she'd rather be at home) .

Heres hoping for the best

Thanks for your concern.

Hope everything went well today Caroline :)


the jury is still out, no definate diagnosed as yet, the neuro i saw today was an egotistical imbocile a complete waste of time . he said mri was normal so no mnd even though my neuro has eliminated all else and diagnosed'ed a mnd but not sure what. i posted to others i know of with pls and all say mri was normal and it does not show on mri, down loaded leaflet on mnd from nords that says mri's usually normal so i'll print all of this off and show my neuro at next appointment.
sorry your mums chest infection is still bad, i hope the antibiotics work soon
best wishes

neuro i saw today was an egotistical imbocile? I think they must study being a jerk as part of their training ;)

Hope you get some answers soon (good news hopefully).

Mam seems to have recovered a little this evening though we did have a fright when she was having pain breathing. We rang a nurse and she told us over the phone (she wouldn't come out) that she must have hurt her diaphragm a little with all the straining she's been doing to get rid of everything on her chest. Seems better now though :)

Take Care

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