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Jan 26, 2007
Hi, I'm new here and would like some opinions on my symptoms.

To start off I'm a 45 year old female. About 6 months have been having neck problems, stiffness and by the end of the day feeling like my head was too heavy to hold up. Around November I was complaining to my husband and he said he would crack my back for me (big mistake) immediately I felt like I couldn't breath and pain in my chest and ribs. Went see the company dr. next day took xrays and didn't see anything. He said probably a pulled muscle. A week later went to the rest room at work, after doing my business I stood up and had this horrible spasm of pain in my lower right ribs. I called my regular dr. but couldn't get in so I went to one close to work. I had to have help laying and getting up off the table. They did xrays and told me I had bronchial pneumonia. I was confused, but thought they must know. They gave me antibiotics and pain medicine. Another week went by with extreme pain on both sides, middle of chest and the back. I kept thinking is pneumonia this painful. I went back to the dr. took more xrays and said pneumonia cleared up you probably have inflammation and gave me a steroid shot. Another week goes by and still have pain and now my left arm is cramping, then I started worrying . Made an appointment with my regular dr. By then my right arm started also. Saw the PA instead of dr. and she said lets do a bone scan. Few days later PA was on vacation so I saw the dr. for the results. He said the technician said it looked like multiple rib fractures. He said there is nothing we can do take OTC pain relievers. I asked him about the arms and he said oh it's probably tendinitis take ibuprophen. Since then there have been other things. I hope it's nothing but here's what's going on.

If I straighten my arms out completely it's painful, like the muscle is too tight to stretch that far, very weak I can hardly lift anything
Increased saliva, corners of my mouth cracked and sore
Neck still stiff, worse at the end of the day
Outside of my throat very sensitive, can't stand it to be touched. When I put my chin to my chest it makes me cough and feels like throat closes up
Weird vibration feeling different parts of my body
Tried some nero test for balancing myself, feet together eyes closed, heel/toe walking, standing on 1 foot. Failed miserably, my balance is very bad.
Tired all the time, I'm late for work at least 3 times a week no matter what time I go to bed.

I decided to make an appointment with a neurologist, it's next Tuesday. Any thoughts on what this might be. I know something is not right and whatever it is it's not getting any better.

Thanks in advance for your time, sorry it's so long
Hi Cheryl

Your symptoms could be the result of any number of things. I suggest you check a website giving you information about Bronchial Pneumonia as sometimes complications arise from these illnesses and are the cause of all sorts of symptoms.

The cracked corners of your mouth may be a vitamin deficiency or an allergy to some food item. My eldest daughter (a fitness fanatic) had this painful and annoying condition for a long time. Since we discovered what it was, it went and never came back.

Hope this is helpful.

Good luck with the Neuro on Tuesday.

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