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Aug 7, 2005
It's Aug and I'm now feeling "symptoms" that I ignored for a long time. I'm incredibly "nervous" feeling as though my skin is crawling beneath my fingers, hands and forearms. I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes in May - and thought all the "buzzy, nervous, skin-crawling, twitches" were related to this. I went to an Internist because of the intense "buzzing" and "nervous" feeling - like my hands were shaking but were not moving. I've realize symtoms now that I've ignored for a while; I've fallen up and down the steps when moving faster than normal - almost like my scins or calves just "gave out". I was at an outdoor event in Feb and started a light jog to catch up with a friend; I felt a sharp pain in my left leg, tumbled forward and fell hard to the ground in a twisting roll as my lleft leg didn't support me. I bruised several ribs and ended up in the ER; this clumbsiness is not like me. I'm 45, male - never had issues like this! I'm biting my tongue, lips and inside my cheeks at times because they don't seem to get out of the way when I'm eating or speaking...Anything with Caffeine sends me practically over the edge; like I'm crawling out of my skin - and this is all new! I didn't have the caffeine problem until earlier this year. My internist sent me to a Diabetic specialist as he was confused why my symptoms seemed severe for a pre-diabetic. The specialist was perplexed too and suggested I see a neurologist because I complained about slight tremors in my hand (all four fingers vibrated for about 5 seconds the other day when grasping a dog toy) and I have "twitches" occassionally. He noted the absence of "pin prick" sensation in my two big toes as the one toe next to it - but all others were fine....

I feel like I'm crawling under my skin; like I've got way too much nervous energy. I've got headaches, muscle aches in the right forearm and spasms in the arms and legs.

Anything sound familiar? I'm trying to get in to see the Neurologist next week - but concerned they don't know what to look for?

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Hi Jon and Welcome,

Wait until you see a neuro doctor before you jump to conclusions. They will run a series of tests that will or should give you some answers. My mom is diabetic and she has some problems, but none that you have described, however everyone is different. I would just hold tight until you see the doc and hope for the best, but, prepare yourself for the worse. That is all anyone can do. Good luck and keep us posted.

Sty Strong, Carol
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