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Aug 10, 2005

Dad complains from time to time about his hip/leg after sitting and gets up, laying and gets up. After doing either one for an hour or more this is what happens:

When he stands he can't put any weight on it for a few min., then once he does it hurts a bit like a cramp or a pain that goes up and down in that leg. The leg is very stiff for a little bit and then he is back to well what is normal fro him these days.

He straches every day and for some reason yesterday that leg was very bothersome to him and he was just unable to put much weight on it at all, unable to lift it very high, and had more pain then usual.

My questions are:

1. What can we do to ease this pain and discomfort?

2. He is worried that when walking this could just give out on him and it of course is making him in a panic/worried state once again. Would the leg just give out like that?

3. If you are still getting pain, or cramps I would think this would mean that you still have muscle and nerve in this area and it needs some healing attention?

4. For others that have lower limb issues do you have days when you can put weight on the leg and other days you are unable to put any weight on it?
Hi there. I don't have quite the same symptoms but I'll give you my take on your questions. A heating pad resting over the legs or hot water bottle might help with the stiffness when sitting. Yes the leg could give out like that. I haven't had that happen but have fallen twice when getting up from a crouched position. Legs just gave out or didn't have the strength to push me up and I just toppled over. Lucky that I didn't have far to fall. Now I don't crouch without something to hold on to. Chair, counter,table or whatever.
I always figured that if there is pain there is still something there that works. Massage or some type of therapy may help or depending on if he is taking drugs for spasm's he may need a higher dose as things progress.
As far as good days and bad days strength wise that is another part of progression. About once out of every 10 times I can do up a shirt button. I call those my good hand days. Some days it is a killer effort to walk up stairs and other days it's not. Just more of the strange things about ALS. Hope this helps.
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