Does Anyone have a clue as to why stress makes things worse

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Aug 10, 2005

Athough I may have asked this question before, it still keeps me up at night. Dad dwells on some pretty silly things. This is dad and we are not going to change this about him. In any case when he does this it really makes the next few days not so great. He will be tired, slur his speech (or speak slow) not sure which it is, walk very slow and be off balence unsure and unstedy. Then a few days pass and he is back to Dad funny walk, slow motions but everything else speech, eating everything is fine... Why does this happen do you think that it is almost like the flight and fight pattern of a panic attack. When all the adreoin runs wild and your heart starts to race and your body goes into panic? Instead in this case your body tightens up and all the muscels just are tired and relax for a couple of days? Just any insight would help..

Hello Jen,

I don't have the answer to your question,, but i do know i have the same problem with stress. I just try to rest alot on those bad days. Just wanted to let you know,, your not alone. Hang in there.

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My fasciculations get worse if I'm stressed about something. It's probably got something to do with chemicals being released into the body possibly adrenalin. I'm sure somebody will come up with the scientific explanation.
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