Does anyone feel this way?

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Dec 12, 2006
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Does anyone with ALS ever feel like the whole thing is unreal? Like it is all a dream you can't wake up from?

I think I can speak for most people here that we have all felt that way at one time or another. Some it takes quite a while to get rid of the feeling but sooner or later you have to wake up and face reality. AL.
Edna May

Yes I can relate to that, at least once a day I have that feeling, but then all my symptoms remind me, I am not dreaming and get back to reality. but it is nice to day dream once in while. EM
The people on this forum are just the greatest. I have learned more here than on any other ALS forum, and even the six doctors I have seen. This is the honest truth. You're right of course AL, but I like to day dream like Edna does.

I know that sometimes my dad looked at the whole thing in a detached scientific manner.
He was his own subject in some biological experiment.
He'd point out his symptoms, calmly explaining why they were occuring...
Hi Emjoi. I think I do that too. People look at me as if I had two heads when I calmly explain what is happening but it is a way of taking control when my body has a mind of its own and is out of control. Also, I believe it helps everyone in some way. Someone on another thread said it best: people react to how WE are reacting. If we remain calm and matter-of-fact then those we love will feel calmer, too.
It's been almost a year since my sister was diagnosed, but it still seems unreal at times. I often describe it sort of like Dallas. I'm showing my age here, but remember that one season of the TV show was all just a dream. I know that I won't wake up, find Bobby Ewing in my shower and realize that this whole year was just a dream...:)

Hi Marcia - I can think of someone other than Bobby Ewing I'd like to find hanging aroudn my house!:-D
You must be thinking about me Cindy. Right? LOL.
I have feelings like everyone else has als and the docs. are wroung about me, then reality hits. i have those tingles in my lips, get up to walk and stiffness reminds me. Some weeks I cry, the next week i feel like alice in wounderland. :-? One thing for sure we have alot in common. God Bless jf :-D
Hi Janf,

I have cried only once. But I have the tingles in my lips, and when I stand up, my legs are terribly stiff. I don't know how much longer I will be able to stand, not much longer I'm sure. Alice in Wonderland is just like how I feel. We do have a lot in common.

God Bless,

To Al: Why of course I was thinking of you, dear! Who else?:roll:
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