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Apr 1, 2007
Hello everybody. I have been trying to find a diagnosis of my disability since Christmas 2000. I am hoping you can help shed some light on it. If I have Slow Onset ALS, or ALS (I’m not sure what the difference is.)

During Christmas 2000 my skin got infected. Antibiotics cleared it right up. However, since the initial infection my legs have been in pain 24/7. Please note that it is my muscles that are in pain not my knees. My lower back hurts when I stand up.

If I do any form of exercise my entire body starts to tingle and I eventually pass out if I continue to do the physical activity.

In particular, it hurts a great deal more if I walk upstairs or uphill. Every time I go out I have to sleep for one to several days to recover.

Recently one symptom has occurred that makes me worry. When I walk downhill or downstairs my legs shake. I cannot control them from trembling. This has disturbed me as I have always been positive about healing, but my condition is worsening and my legs are degenerating.

I should also note that I have always been very active. I have lost my muscular legs, rock hard abs, and toned upper body.
Doesnt sound like ALS and the passing out sounds more like a heart thing the other weakness I am not sure about but get to a cardiologist weakness and passing out can be cardio pat

Inpain, Do you have twitching in the muscles of the legs? Have you been to a neurologist? Barry
Ahhh awesome. One less thing to consider. I have had twitching all over but it only happens like 10 times a day at random parts of the body. Think it probably doesn't have to do with ALS. I've been to a neurologist did nothing but take a scan of my head and say that I'm find. I also went to an arthritis specialist (top in my city). She said there was nothing wrong with me too. I'm getting a lil frustrated with doctors.
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