Do i have ALS? I am terrified

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Dec 4, 2022
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Hi everybody. Thank so so much in advance for your help.
I would like to ask you if you think if my symptoms or something to be worried about or not.
I am a white 18 year old girl, in good shape. Good overall health. Ive had previous vitamin d and iron deficiencies.

A couple days ago i started noticing that my right arm felt weak for two days but now not anymore. Ive even tried to see if my hands were working properly by typing and playing the piano, but nothing worrying was present.

Throughout my life, I've experinced twitches that lasted a couple seconds, but that went away and never worried me. I've eperinced a few cramps as well, especially under my foot, that would go away if i massaged the area, but talking to other poeple i realized it's pretty common. The probelm is that Friday night (three days ago) i was extremely tired since i slept very very little. While relaxing on the sofa i started twitching near my knee. At first i did not think anything of it, but i started noticing (the same night) that it became more and more frequent, so i started worrying about it. It went down on to my feet, calves and thighs. Then, i started experiencing, (still the same night), twiches on my shoulder. I obviously started worrying a lot and tried to take some magnesium which didnt do much and i also tried to drink a lot of water, as i usually drink too little.

My boyfriend told me it's probably because i slept too little, but the day after i still kept twitching. I twitch several times a minute. Yesterday though, i started feeling it in my face and once in my tongue too. The day after, which is today, i started feeling the same things, but with twitches in my hands and arms and calves. Its all happening so fast. I usually dont workout, but yesterday i decided to and now my calves hurt and my upper back and shoulders hurt. Specifically, my shoulder tingles and hurts a lot. I noticed that, my twitches are less prominent when i am not thinking about it, but i dont know if its because i dont pay attention it. I still feel them sometimes, even if im distracted.

I have been diagnosed with anxiety and OCD and i am absolutely terrified i might have ALS and its not even the first time ive worried about it. Ive worried about it a few years ago because my hands would shake, but it passed. I dont know whats going on and i am very scared. Should i be concerned?
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You don't need to be concerned about ALS, but I would suggest finding better help for your anxiety and OCD, which will take over your life if you let them. All counselors are not the same and if you look, you will find one that is right for you. There are good online resources, too, like r/muscletwitch on Reddit.

Hi Tesa-

Please make sure to read here: Read Before Posting

It explains why you should not be concerned about ALS. I am pretty sure you know you don't have ALS, but your fear of it is causing you to fixate on different and relatively normal body sensations. It might be time to speak with someone, if you aren't already, about tools to help with managing anxiety around health before it really starts taking over. Sounds like maybe disturbed sleep is amplifying some issues and working on that may help with overall stress management.

Take care
thank you so so much, really. could i also ask another question? i noticed that today i had a random metallic taste in my mouth. is that a bad sign?
no Tesa - please read the post we directed you to, then log off the internet and see a doctor.
You don't have ALS and should not be here talking to the terminally ill about this further. You've asked, we've answered honey.
thank you so much for taking your time to answer this and I'm truly sorry if ive made anyone feel bad in any way. again, thank you so much for your availability and your support. I wish you all the best, truly. ❤️
I've gotten a UTI four times this past year and a flu twice, that lasted 1 month. Could this result in ALS? I've been experiencing twitching all over. im 18. i also feel very cold now.
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No. You can however get a post viral syndrome that can cause twitching and feelings of weakness. It will eventually go away if so. As stated above you do not belong here It is bad for you. Log off and see your gp. Please don’t post again and block this site for your own health
Dear God, Tessa, knock it off and please go get help for your anxiety. Molly coddling you is not working, so take this very blunt piece of advice and seek counseling. You're ruining your life.

I'm being blunt for your own good. You are young and wasting your time and energy on needless worry.
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