Do doctors normally call with test results?

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Dec 4, 2007
Was curious what everyone's experience was with hearing from doctors about results after tests. When my husband had a ton of blood work done, we waited a little longer after the results were in, then I called the doctor to ask how he made out. Everything came back OK. Next my husband had a spinal tap. We were told how long it would take for results, so a few days after that I had to call doctor's office about medication, so asked if they could find out about the LP results for me. Got a call back and was told it was OK. January 3 he had an EMG and NCS done. The person doing the test told my husband it looked like a MND but would have to study the tests a little further. She said the doctor would have the results in a week. We have not heard anything. I plan on calling tomorrow or Tuesday. His next appt. is the end of February. Do the doctors usually call with results, only call when the results show something, or wait until they see you in person?
Thanks so much for all of your help and support.
My experience with Neuro's is they like face to face especially if the news is inconclusive or not good.
The neuro at the ALS clinic called me after the EMG and rest of blood work to tell me I had "probable" ALS. Not really a good thing to hear over the phone. I was pretty upset and couldn't get my questions out. But I've found in other visits with him that that's his style. Not very helpful or compassionate. I sometimes think he schedules appts only so he can add more test results to some log and another PALS to his total. He doesn't seem interested in helping.
My neurologist insisted on an appt with my wife then explained the diagnosis. My wife then threw up in his office.

He didn't explain the diagnosis so well but referred me to the specialist with the MDA ALS clinic. I never went back to him.


The first neuro who DX ALS, told me at the time of the tests. He sent me to the ALS Clinic who told me at the time of the tests it may be MMN. Each time I go to the ALS clinic they tell me what they think and I get the same report that my regular Dr. gets and they fax it to the LTD people. I think I am really really fortunate as they all just tell it as clear as they can. Best Wishes, Peg
Geez ilgal and West, those guys sound like real pleasures. I'm glad, Peg, that you are having a better experience. I called the clinic yesterday about the EMG results and the nurse said someone would get back to me. Haven't heard anything yet.
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