Do blood tests rule out ASL?

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Nov 16, 2007
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Hi. I've been having almost a shortness of breath lately and my legs have been bothering me a lot and so are my arms. Like a weakness. I went to the hospital the other day and got a lot of blood work done and everything was normal same for my urine test. I also just got a fever. I'm only 18 is this to young to get ASL? Is most of this just anxiety or a virus?
ALS does affect younger persons but it is extremely rare. It is rare to begin with but even rarer in younger folks. If they found something amiss in your urine tests than I'd be holding out for some type of infection. I'm guessing your are treatable and will be back on both feet soon. :-D good luck! Cindy
They found nothing in both tests. oh sorry for the double post of this topic i just noticed. when i first made it i didnt see this one so i made another.
it's probable just a virus, especially with the fever
Ive had the weak arms and legs for like 3 weeks now and just recently got the fever. I heard that the flu virus can stay with you for over two weeks so thats what I'm hoping it is. Is there any distictive things I should look for for ALS. I get the accational muscle spasm and I'm not sure if its the amount I've always gotten or if its more. I need to stop being so paranoid it is driving me crazy :eek:
Are you seeing anyone about feeling so anxious? Maybe you can find ways to re-direct your thinking - like volunteering in your community or taking up a hobby that does not involve searching the internet. Message boards like this one-as great as they are, can feed into a person's anxiety.

If you can't re-direct your thinking, maybe your GP can prescribe something for anxiety. No matter what you have, worrying about it will definately make it worse! Regards, Cindy
Blood tests and ASL

In my experience (family member of ALS relatives and as a speech pathologist) the general rule is that blood tests are ruling other things out rather than something "in", in this case ALS. They are looking at your whole system for an answer to your symptoms but there is no specific blood test. I would hold out for a virus at this stage, fever is not typically associated with ALS and 18 is definitely younger than I would expect. Great luck and wishing you a speedy return to health!:)
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