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Aug 24, 2007
Feature / Upper / Lower

Reflexes / Hyperactive / Deminished or absent

Atrophy / None or absent / Present

Fasici,s / None or absent / Present

Muscle Tone / Increased / Decreased or absent

This is taken from Merck Manual . Fasics are fasiculations ,or some call twitches .
Some here say they have weakness and have PLS ,this is problably Stiffness or the muscle unwilling to move . PLS is a Upper Motor Neuron Disease Only, no Lower Involved . Or i would say you dont have PLS . There are Lots of Motor Neuropathies
and one can be confused with others . PlSers are Blessed in a way ,We may not have a Quality of life but we get to live . Hope this helps someone . Geo
what is pls exactly iwas diagnosed with als -it is starting in my mouth-thanks-arlene

Hi Arlie,
My husband was originally diagnosed w/ PLS, Primary Lateral Sclerosis. This affects the upper motor neurons. Mainly arms,speech, hands. He then developed leg weakness. This whole thing started out with fasiculations/fasics. PLS seems to be the better of the motor neuron diseases to get. Some do progress into ALS,which my husbands has. It seems this form of the ALS is slower progression. With GOd's help it will remain slower progression. I hope this helps a little. APC
So if you are exibiting symptoms of both ie brisk reflexes, absent reflexes, and muscle atrophy you could't possibly have PLS.

if you look at all the web sites on pls they will tell you that pls does cause progressive muscle weakness mainly from spasms.:neutral:

i think that would be more in line with als.
geo, also it is possible to have minor lmn involvement in pls, iv'e studdied this alot as i have some lmn signs/symptoms, i have lots of articles on this if you want to read them.
my neuro gave me diagnosed of a mnd but not a definate diagnosed of pls/als
i go to mnd clinic next month and will have emg to find out.
How about MMN Multifocal Motor Neuropathy or CIDP Chronic Inflamitory Demilinating Polyneuropathy ,TSP Tropical Spastic Paraperesis Might look into these Geo

i had a clean nvc and my neuro said it was not neuropathy, i'll just have to wait for mnd clinic and emg.:confused:
pls,and weakness......

every site that I have read,does say that PLS causes muscle weakness,not atrophy,but weakness yes.
NCV is Nerve Conduction Velocity LOL .How fast the signal gets from point a to point b Geo
Michelle try this . Squeeze someones hand as hard as you can .Do this once a month . This will show you if your losing strength . This person will know if they feel your not grabbing as hard . yes i can aggree somewhat on the kind of weakness when im bending over to sit on the toilet i have to grab the counter so i'll land ok on the toilet . Otherwise im afraid i'll land in the tub or fall back against the tank and break it LOL Geo
Olly ,Justr be brave ,i closed my eyes , i didnt want to see what was going to happen and yes i had tears
i wont lie . Connie said after watching. No More .But you want to know Geo
yes, sorry geo i do know what ncv is ,wrong choice of word "clean" lol.
anyway it was ok. im not looking forward to emg, iv'e heard some bad stories.
but its better to know , one way or another.

Olly,do not be afraid of the emg,I heard horrible stories,went in the doctors office a nervous wreck,the doc started the emg and i honestly didnt even feel him stick the first needle in! One time in my neck it smarted a little,but thats about it,no big deal at all to me.

also wanted to ask if you have read any on the disease HSP? (hereditary spastic paraplegia) that is what my neurologist has diagnosed me with,the neuro that did my emg also mentioned PLS as an alternate diagnoses,you do not have to show a family pattern to have this as it can skip generations etc....go to the spastic paraplegia foundation website if you would like to read symptoms etc.of this disorder.

weakness that test may not work too well on me,being that the weakness I have is mostly in the legs,but I know what you are saying,the neuro always checks that way,he agrees that most of my weakness thus far is in the legs. The reason for my earlier post is that some seem to be confused on rather PLS actually does have weakness as a symptom,and according to my neuro and every website i have been to on pls, muscle weakness is a symptom,unfortunately.
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