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Jan 15, 2007
Hello everyone. I made the decision last week to apply for disability. I have an appointment to see my neuro tomorrow as my symptoms have worsened. My biggest issue right now is the physical issues and also some mental issues. Inability to focus, horrible short term memory, and the emotional liability....overwhelming sometimes. Has anyone else experienced a problem with nausea? I have lost a significant amount of weight due to nausea. 37 pounds since diagnosed on 2/27/07.
Hi Toni -

I'm real sorry to hear things aren't going so well. I know you were hoping to find a way back to work.

When you're with your neuro, make sure you get all your records pertaining to your diagnosis. The more paperwork you have substantiating your diagnosis, the more likely you will be recognized as presumptively eligible for disability due to your ALS. That way you won't have to wait five months for a disability award. And when you get to the Social Security office, use the words "presumptive eligibility". If your case examiner doesn't seem to know what your talking about, ask to speak to a supervisor right away.

I'm not quite sure what to think of your nausea. Maybe it's anxiety related, but it sounds pretty severe and persistent. The kind of weight loss you are describing is definitely a concern. I don't guess you'll need to mention it to the neurologist - sounds like the change will pretty obvious. Do you have trouble swallowing, or just loss of appetite?

Hang in there. I'll be thinking of you.

Tabney: nausea! Wow do I hear you! And it is so hard to pin down a reason for nausea. I also have heartburn and hiccups and anything else that goes along with the "Neuro" part of neuro-muscular. I was living off plain crackers and ensure for weeks but found that an OTC heart-burn/indigestion pill works well. I think it comes from living off few working nerves. Just my opinion, though. If you discover the real reason please let us know!

On a more important note, hope your disability ditermination comes through with as few glitches as possible. Sorry things are going badly right now for you. Cindy

Thanks for the reply to my post. I called my case worker today and told her of the change of diagnosis. She seemed very positive that my case would go through quickly and she had already used the term presumtive eligibility. Thanks for the kind words and thoughts. They mean alot to all of us.
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