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Apr 11, 2007
My wife was diagnosed with pls 05/04/06 and we have applied for disability and looks like she will get it. Does anyone know if there is a waiting period for medicare with a pls diagnosed?
I was told als diagnosed gets a card almost immediately. Can anyone share theyre experience with this process for me.
Hi Anthony,
I am also new and not very much help except for maybe this, guess what... I applied for disability last January and got approved in March along with a medicare card! It was the "only" good news we have had for a long long time. As far as I know, my doctors never gave me a diagnosed but I am making a phone call tomorrow to ask for details that I may not be aware of. This forum is giving me more courage and confidence. I wish your wife and you the best!
Hi Bey, Paula recieved her letter today approved, but it did not mention medicare. Did you get both confimations at the same time. Do you have PLS? Thanks for the reply,

Anthony & Paula
Yes I did receive them both at the same time. It was actually written in the same letter, kind of mixed in with everything else. My husband missed it completely. I am in the process of getting the ALS clinic I went to to give me my records and diagnosed.
I sure do hope you get the medicare.
I've been diagnosed w/PLS. I applied for social security disability and got it. They sent me a letter and said I would be able to apply for medicare 2 years after I was entitled to disability benefits. ALS diagnosed can receive medicare the month you become entitled to disability benefits.

I called SS on Monday for a PAL. There is no waiting period when applying for SSDI benefits when you are diagnosed with ALS.

How to apply?

My mother was just diagnosed with PLS. How do I go about applying for disability? My main concern is to get her Medicare because her healthcare is currently through my father, who may retire early to help take care of her.

The office asked her to bring proof of my father's salary as well. Will she be denied if my father has a stable job? I know she will have to wait 2 years after she gets disability to get Medicare.

We're scared to be without insurance!
Hi newpls. Welcome but sorry you have to be here. You can either go to the bottom of this page and click on the similar threads to get information or use the search feature at the top of the page. Many before you have been in the same predicament as you and there is some good information there. Hope it helps.

I'm not sure how the law is now but 18 years ago when I was rated 100% disabled due to a back injury and chronic low back pain, I got my medicare at the same time as Social Security disability.

Back then I went to an attorney who specialized in SSN and he said to expect to be turned down the first 2 times I applied, that was considered normal back then. And true to his word I got mine on the 3rd try even though I had all the necessary Medical documentation that I was 100% disabled. I understand that now they consider ALS as 100% on the first try, but not sure. Either way it was paid back to the day I had first filed, not when I was accepted. So the sooner you file the better I would think. Good Luck.

God Bless
Capt AL
I applied online, but you can apply in person.
The website to apply is:
www.socialsecurity.gov and Under DISABILITY AND SSI, click on qualify and apply.
Once submitted, it will take about 3 months to get a letter stating if you're entitled to receive benefits.
Or, you can call to make an appointment to apply at your closest social security admin. building.
If you're diagnosed with PLS, you will automatically be able to enroll in Medicare after you get disability benefits for two years.
If you're diagnosed with ALS, you can enroll in Medicare immediately.

Thanks for your advice. We will file as soon as possible. It's so comforting to know that we are not alone and that we can look to each other for support.
Welcome to the fourm, newpls. Hope things go smoothly at the social Security and medicaide office for your Mom. Cindy
MND and a SS Disability

I got my First check 3 weeks after applying along with the confirmation . and the Medicare 24 months after that .I think if you check you'll find 24 months is the waiting period . Go to SS.gov all the rules are there . Geo8)
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