diluting the CSF with an isotonic solution?

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Dec 22, 2007
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I know that one of the theories behind the mechanism of ALS is that there is a misfolded or mutated protien that is aggregating. I was wondering if there has been any research looking into trying to either prevent or reverse this aggregation by diluting the CSF with an isotonic solution that is free of protein?
From what reading I've done the CSF is replaced fairly rapidly so diluting it would require a pump. Whether or not it would work I have no idea but I think they would have to do a lot of test to justify human trails due to the cost and difficulty involved. I had read another discussion concerning CSF on the ALSTDI forum which I believe had a similar assumption but I can't find it now.

Testing that is being done regarding the misfolded proteins it related to heat shock proteins/chaperones which will either cause the proteins to fold correctly or help the body dispose of the misfolded. Arimoclomol which will be recruiting for a phase IIb trial shortly is a heat shock protein co-inducer.
Something to ponder about Mutation ,Viruses mutate as soon as they enter a host . Viruses are Scavenger RNA and DNA, upon mutation they change the Make up of what they enter or destroy its make up . When they enter the cell they change its DNA or RNA . and the way it functions . My Theory is that also is the cause of Cancer, a Virus enters the host and causes the cells to die or changes them into cancerous cells
I do not understand why more has not been done in this area . I am aware that once they establish in the host it is almost impossible to tell them from normal tissue or cells . Geo
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