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Apr 7, 2004
Can someone explain to me why doctors keep saying that people usualy die peacefully in their sleep.

My brother was diagnosed last august with Als.

Today he is in the hospital, he had a heart attck 4 days ago.

He is on the Bipap machine 24hrs a day. He is also getting Oxygen.

I watch as he struggles for each breath, he is sometimes confused and disorientated. I wonder why or how Doctors can sat that he will probably die quietly and peacefully in his sleep when his every waking moment is anything but?

Please Help me understand.
Die in sleep in peace

Doctors are masters at what they do. Sometimes the bedside manners may need a little compassion. He would like you to feel that when and if he dies in his sleep this would be a peacefull time. If the person is truly in deep sleep this is the ideal time to pass away. But as we all know, ideal time is Murphys Law. It is very hard and emotional to see what you have seen so far. You would love nothing else but for your relative to go in as less pain as possible. But this disease does not allow patients that fortune. These patients have gone thru more twists annd turns in the last few months then anyone else in a few decades. They DO NOT GIVE UP. If they have to manage horrific pain they do. And as we look on we feel they are saints for going thru it all. These are people first. So the Dr. has given you the chance to really get to know your realitive. Talk, laugh, be their, and show your pain.
I don't know if this is appropriate, but it is pretty much the way we live our lives.
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