Dibs on Forum Follies this weekend ...

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May 11, 2008
Los Angeles
... although Peter will be a tough act to follow.

Look for Lost Horizons on a forum near you, hopefully Friday night, God willing and the creeks don't rise.
I can't wait!
I see fun on the horizon!
Oooo .. I guess I need to d/l that movie and watch it.

Who will be the High Lama and how baaaaad can he be ?

Anticipating great fun Beth.

We await.
Sorry, won't be able to join the fun. Wedding this weekend. Have a great time everyone!
Never seen the film though but i guess i will pick up the "run" of it as it gets going, but then again i am from "down under".:smile:

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Am I going to have to learn another foreign language?
... I'm just starting to watch the remastered version on my computer via Netflix..... PZ, this is called the "immersion method" so if there are any foreign language needs, it'll get me up to speed asap

OK. I'm off to Shangri-La (should I be sipping a mai-tai? Its only 2:30, but could still be appropriate)

edit add:

Nope, answering my own question here, the appropriate drink recipe is below:


Drink Category:


Glass Type:

White Wine Glass or PEG


Orange Slice

Lemon Slice


Pour and stir


1/2 part Gin

1/4 part Apricot Brandy

1/2 part Orange Juice

2 drops Grenadine Syrup


Asti Spumante


Stir the first 4 ingredient with ice in a pre-cooled white wine glass, or lipped beaker if PEG is in use. Complete with the sparkling wine and garnish with an orange slice and a lemon slice. When using PEG, the garnish should remain on the tube, not be shoved through it....
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Actually, I think I've got it mixed up with "Brigadoon," but plotlines have never been the strong point of the Follies ...
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One of my favorite tunes comes from "Brigadoon"!. "Its Almost Like Being In Love!"

Gene Kelley sang it in the movie. Many others have come out with really great arrangements of it.
Brigadoon! Great flick. Its been years since I've seen it though. Yes, Beth, plotlines are not a strength with us, one might even suggest "optional".

LOL to your edit. I was recently given cocktail napkins that are so cute, they have a couple of 1930's style girls chugging wine straight from the bottle, and the caption reads: "Why limit happy to an hour?"

I was not able to finish watching Lost Horizon yesterday due to some dog/cat drama, and dog chewing on three squeaky balls simultaneously, as my computer volume is quite low. HOWEVER, I must say there is quite a bit of EL going on in this film. Definitely something we could work with.

OK, now I've got to go research suitable beverages for Brigadoon. Hopefully if I come up short, it won't be held against me too much.
CJ, its worth logging in just to see your latest avatar mutation! Love Santa Mona!

This thread was started by Beth a while back, so this particular edition of Follies has come and gone. It looks like Barry started one, its on the general forum right now. I haven't read it yet, but the title makes me think cowboy Barry may be soon saying: “Traveling through hyperspace ain't like dusting crops, boy.”
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