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Mar 22, 2006
Hi everyone,

Well after neuro was convinced it was als the emg showed only fasiculations, no fibrillations or other stuff that they look for (I'm not very technical), I have good news - not als but have been given a "diagnosis" of probable ms which is a much better disease!

I hope I can now celebrate it's like I'm too scared to as there is always the nagging question. Should they have tested the spinal area as I have a restricted breathing pattern?

Respiratory guy think this is due to ms but I didn't think this was a common problem with ms?

So sorry you guys are here at all but thanks for being a support whilst I have been going through this nightmare you are truly amazing and strong and courageous!

This probably means I have to say goodbye but will come back from time to time just to see how everyone is going.

Take care,

Hi Kazzy,

I never thought I'd congratulate someone on getting a diagnosed of MS, but considering the alternative, congratulations and good luck dealing with that.
Dear Kazzy,
That is goodl news! I am happy that your diagnosed is MS instead of ALS.
Thank you for coming here, and do come back and visit us.
I wish you all the best.
Hugz and prayers, Leah

Hi guys,

I suppose I should be breaking out into celebrations but there is still questions hanging over the whole subject of probable ms and that is pathologically brisk reflexes in some areas and ABSENT reflexes in other areas I suppose that is why clinically the initial diagnosis was probable als because there were mixed signs of upper and lower motor neuron abnormalities.

I know this isn't an ms forum but does anybody have any input or advice.

Thanks so much,

Hi Kazzy. Don't you just hate it when a doc says there is good news but there is bad news which do you want first? I guess MS is a better diagnosis and wish I knew more about it to help out but while I have a neice with it I don't know much about it. Try a yahoo groups search. I'm sure they have a couple of sites. In the mean time good luck and drop around and let us know how you're doing. AL
Hi Kazzy,
WHen my hubby was going through all the testing there were certain things that they looked for to indicate a diagnosed of MS. The 1st was that they looked for lesions on his brain & spinal column via an MRI. Lesions can be an indicator of MS. ALso, they did a lumbar puncture (spinal tap) and there are tests referred to as "O-Bands" for short (I can't remember the long, medical name) and the o-bands indicate MS.

Have you had MRI or lumbar puncture yet?

Good Luck!
Hi Kazzy,
How are the 7 little ones?! I'm so glad that your EMG went well. From my experience the EMG and the nerve conduction study have been the ultimate tests in determining ALS. It might not fit into the neat little package that you want (or that any of us want), but if I were you I'd just try to enjoy the good news.
Best of luck and keep us posted!
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