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Jun 16, 2008
Learn about ALS
Hello all, Im sure it gets frustrating reading everyones symptoms but like many others Im pretty freaked about whats going on in my life, here goes, symptoms started with right hand pinky and ring finger twitching and 'locking up' within a month i felt weaker in my right arm mostly forearm. within 3 weeks I had the sensation of my calves being asleep. I have gone on a few runs since this but have suspended all of my workouts as soon as symptoms persisted.

I have been to a neuro doc who gave me an EMG results normal and a cervical MRI w contrast, this resulted in nothing more than some bulging disks.

I currently have percieved weakness and my right forearm looks different (muscle formation) than my left. If I hold out my right arm I can see constant pulsing in my forearm on the top side.

The doc thought I might have had an ulnar nerve issue or possible righters cramping.

The great part is that I leave for iraq in 2 days so maybe / hopefully this is all stress related. I am an anxious guy as well.

Thanks and God Bless
Hi bravo,, read your post, and I wish I knew what to tell you. All I can do is pray that everything is alright with you. Two days, jeeeez that is around the corner. What did they tell you when you took your physical check up? I thought that these people are supposed to have the top notch doctors to examine you. I am not trying to scare you or anything, but my son's fingers used to lock on him when he started having his symptoms. He would show me what his fingers would do, and they actually locked on him, and he had to use his other hand to undo them. I would not let it go at that if I were you. If the symptoms persist I would suggest you ask to see a neuro.

Have you ever heard of Carmelo Rodriguez? He was a young Marine sargeant from Pa. I believe, up east somewhere. Anyway...........the government failed him big times. My heart went out to him and his family. Carmelo's story is both long, and very, very sad. I am not going to go into details, but you can read about Carmelo by googling on his name. I am so angry at the government. May Carmelo rest in peace.

Please don't let it go at that. Once they deploy you, they couldn't care less, I am talking about the government. Keep us posted, and don't be afraid to demand a neuro. God bless you. I will keep you in my prayers.

Hi Bravo, I just wanted to wish you well. I'm sure your nerves would play a role in anything you're experiencing right now. Any disc problems in your back would certainly contribute to what you're describing. God bless you for being willing to serve our country! One of my sons did a tour in Afghanistan, (US Army corps of engineers) and then, after returning , was sent 6 months later to Iraq. He was in Iraq for 14 months, and, happily is back at his base in Colorado now. I can't claim to understand what you're facing right now, but, I can relate to having a son in your situation. I hope you're able not to dwell on your symptoms, and that you're back stateside, near to your family and friends in no time! take care and God bless! ((hugs))
Hello Bravo

Stress and anxiety can do an awful lot to our physical health . . . including twitching muscles and perceived weakness. The differences you're seeing in your one forearm could have always been there but now that you have these symptoms, you are actually noticing it. Please don't jump to any conclusions and just because Irma's son's fingers "locked-up" on him, shouldn't be a cause for concern. Something like that can be caused by many, many, many things (including an irritated ulnar nerve in your case) . . . all of which are completely benign. Any damage to the ulnar nerve can also cause muscle twitching, muscle atrophy, muscle weakness, muscle hypotonia, etc.
You certainly want to keep on top of things if there are any changes or they don't get better . . . not because it's ALS . . . but because you want to take care of the problem that's causing your symptoms. You said you already saw a neuro that evaluated you, including an EMG (since it was normal and you are presenting with lower motor neuron sign so far, that is a very good sign), so you are being well taken care of already. Having said all of that: no one on here can tell you with certainty that you don't have ALS (only your neuro can do that in time), but so far I wouldn't be too concerned.
Take care and if you have more questions, please ask . . . and above all . . . God bless you for serving us and your country. We truly appreciate it.
Please try not to be stressed by your symptoms. It's so easy to imagine the worst and you're already under tremendous stress as you await your deployment (tomorrow?).
I wish you well in the day, weeks, months ahead. Good luck to you.
Ensure that your symptoms are documented in your service medical record.
Exactly, Zen! That's what I was trying to pass along to Bravo. Thanks, and God bless!

Good point Zen! It's important to have that documentation prior to deployment because of the ALS statistics for servicemen.
Best of luck over in Iraq, Bravo. If you are able, please keep in touch! Cindy

I am sorry for all that you are going through right now.

I wanted to tell you "Thank you" and let you know that I consider you a true hero.
Regardless of ones opinion regarding the war in Iraq, I believe each of us living in the United States of America owe you & every other soldier a debt of gratitude for your willingness to serve our country and fight for our continuing freedom.

I will pray specifically for you Bravo and would love to hear from you again.

God Bless you.
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