Dental work possible cause of ALS?

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Oct 16, 2007
Does anyone know of a connection between root canales, fillings, bridge work and other types of dental procedures and the onset of ALS?
I know there are a lot of theories about what causes ALS. There are higher incidents of it in certain populations, like members of certain professions or certain geographical locations but nobody is even counting who has it and a cure still needs to be found.
Norman, that was a big question when my son was diagnosed'ed with als on March 29, 2006. My son had 5 or 6 dental fillings, all mercury (amalgams?) I did quite a bit of research on als when he was diagnosed'ed, and I ran across this site that stated that mercury fillings cause als. By the time that my son was diagnosed'ed he was afraid to have them removed. I don't know what to think about the whole thing, it is so unfair. Everybody is guessing pesticides, dental fillings, dirty produce ( with pesticides), blunt trauma, what the h-ll is going on? Which one is it, and where is the cure? I even heard that canned tuna is bad, LOL! I am not ashamed to admit it, I AM ANGRY! My son didn't have to die because of all this bs, neither did all the others! Als is becoming more common every die. Pretty soon we're all gonna die from als! God bless everyone!

Norman, I see you are from Houston, a neighbor! I lived in Houston for 40 years. No regrets! I just wanted to go country! LOL!Take care, buddy!

Do a search above on amalgam fillings and mercury fillings. We've been there before.
My Personal research has brought me to the conclusion that a Virus is the cause of All MNDs . Take for instance ,If you have had Chicken Pox ,the Virus VZV Varizella Virus enters the body on the skin then goes to the Spinal Column,where it goes Dormant for 50- 60 years Then comes out in the form of Shingles . They talk of Mutation of SOD 1 Super Oxidize Dizmotase 1 .This is what a virus does upon entering the body ,it mutates(changes)
A Virus needs a host to replicate ,some have DNA some have RNA after entering it opens its capsid (shell ) where upon the DNA or RNA enters the host and either destroys the host DNA,RNA or changes it . Some speculation has it that Cancer is the direct result of a virus that enters the body and changes the cell structure causing the cell to either destroy other good cells or change the way they work .Cancer is a cell that instead of making new cells destroys normal working cells or Cancerous Cells . The cell is the center of life ,if the cell is changed it affects everything in it . Geo( ps i hope this sheds a little light on the subject )
An MDA research doctor wrote an article about retroviruses being the cause of MND's, so you are right on. I believe that to be true also. It would answer the questions of why this person and not that person. Each person handles a retrovirus differently, but almost all of us have at least one, mostly from chicken pox or herpes simplex.
Geo, wow, your post blew my mind! It makes so much sense! I hate this disease (als) with a passion, and yet I am not giving up. I will keep on researching this "evil disease" till the day I die! Thanks for taking your time to type all of this info down, and you have a blessed day. This goes for the rest of my als forum friends as well. Will sign off for a while, gotta make time to go and pay my bills! Argh! LOL

The Main problem is though they really dont know how to deal with Viruses . If you look at The Flu . They can only let it run its course or you should go and get a flu shot ,which is a dead virus that helps your body learn to deal with it (immune system) . If you look also at Chicken Pox ,they let it run its course . It really dosent go away but your body accepts it . This is why people get Shingles at an older age .The Virus has awakened and coming back out . If you were to take a head of a pin you could put 20,000 VZV viruses on it . This is how small they are . And they contain Genomic information which alters their host Cell or Kills it .But you will never hear your Doctor Bring this subject up
and want to field questions . Herpes is also a Virus ,they can help keep in in check somewhat .There are literally millions of different viruses . They could do a PCR Blood test and see them in someone ,but then what do they do ? Once in and if they alter the Cell behavior and if they give you a antiviral of the wrong kind, the body will either reject the meds.or you could have a serious reaction because the virus has altered the way your body reacts . Some people given Antivirals have died for unexplained reasons
We're dealing with Genomics here VERY VERY VERY complicated . Theres a study under way for a few years now ,which is called RNAi Therapy ,if you google this theres a very interesting Video on this On Macular Degeneration . Geo
Interesting stuff, George. THanks for sharing! Cindy
I went to the dentist last year, needing a filling replaced. There had been the usual stuff in the press about mercury fillings (this was before MND reared its ugly head in our lives), so I asked my dentist if she would replace it with a non mercury one (I forget the name). She said that in her opinion , there was no basis in fact for the 'scare stories', and that they were nonsense. Then, in the next breath, she advised against me replacing my fillings in quick succession, as it could be bad for my health due to the possible release of mercury when they're drilled out! Ever get the feeling you're not getting the whole picture? I decided against replacing any more until they NEED replacing, but I'm certainly not having any more mercury put in my mouth.

I doubt that it CAUSES MND but, if there are alternatives, then you may as well use them. So confusing:confused:
Viruses? Like The Polio Vaccines We Got As Kids?
Me dental

In July 2006 I had 3 upper LEFT side teeth extracted with tissue implants to prepare for dental implants. After my 4 day recovery, my speech was a bit slurred (thought it was from missing teeth).

Oct. 2006 I noticed weakness in 3 of my LEFT fingers.

Speech still slurred

Nov. 2006 Speech slowed an ears felt clogged.

Jan, 2007 Dental implants put in place. After healing, speech was worse.

Nicked nerve? Oxidative reason at all ---- I have no idea.

Also, I have LOTS of fillings; had blood and hair analysis & urine---mercury levels were fine. Just don't know.

I believe it is a virus also......... I became extremely sick due to toxic mold at the workplace, i was so sick for two years that my immune system crashed and i developed reactivated epstein barr virus, with all the symptoms. My neck swelled all my glands i had a fever severe sore throat that came with red spots on top of my mouth, then i would get strep on top of it... This recurred at least once a month for two years, then the muscle crap started, twitching, cramping yadda yadda..... The docs thought for sure i had a immune disorder, nope! Extreme stress from the workplace coupled with the mold that now i have a bad allergy to caused reactivation of dormant viruses in my body. All i ever wanted to do was to stop having fatigue, sore throats, and respiratory infections and now i am on my last journey to finding out i may have ALS. I got out of that building but what was done is done because i still have all that.
yeah my mom went to get a amalgam filling in her teeth (which were already metal teeth) probably made of mercury since she got them in the 70's in romania

anyway right after she had slurred speech
and has pbp

however we did have mold in the bathroom and she did have more stress from extra work :confused:

we need an antivirus
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