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Feb 27, 2006
Hey gang,

It has been stressful the last couple of days. I will keep this short. I have a bro. who was diagnosed at age 26 with Bulbar ALS. Naturally, I go get tested. I thought I had some symptoms, but I think that it is all anxiety and stress.

So, my EMG and blood tests come out negative. At the same time, I was applying for life insurance. I was honest, so I did not lie. So, I was denied life insurance.

Have any of you experienced this before? Is there something I can do? My agent requested that my nuero write a letter stating that I don't have ALS and that my tests came back negative. I have requested that letter.
And they are willing to write it. My agent then said that she would shop around for another company.

However, I have a feeling that they will deny me as well or charge an arm and a leg. The basis for denial was family history and my twitching. Can they do this? Is it legal? There is no proof that my brother has FALS.

Thank you for the advice.
There are several life ins. compaies out there, AIG is the WORST. I hate them with a passion.

What you do, is find another company and apply. You don't need to lie, all you have is anxiety and BFS. I was approve with that diagnosed. You only need to give them what they ask for, don't give anything else. You are healthy and thats what the record states.

Google life insurance companies, there are probably 100

i have lincoln mutual. There is mass mutual, new york life, metlife, etc etc etc.

Good luck, don't waste your time with AIG.


You guys are talking about term insurance, correct?
Yes, term is proabaly your best option right now
I recently took out 2 10 year tem policies- Alot of questions-- I told them about BFS and they made me elaborate-- But got approved with both . Erie and Prudential. They even had copies of all doctor records and did a home health check by a parameidcal person for blood and urine-- Prudential made me get a EKG and chest xray.

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