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Apr 27, 2007
I noticed delb has not posted for a few days. Does anyone know how he is doing?
Nope I haven't seen Delb or Freddiesnetty on here for awhile sure hope they are fine.
I'm here!

I am here....Freddie got ill over the holidays.............damn bronchitis....sp? And I was getting a little depressed......But all is well...I am excited the media is going to do on article on Freddie and some BIG musicians are putting together a benefit....Holidays are hard for me. I have lost both my parents...This disease can consume all of me...MOSTLY my mind..What little I have left...I didn't take down one of my christmas trees....I have a girly pink feather tree that Freddie has made fun of me for years...I put it in the box and Freddie looked so sad....So know it has Valentines deco...Too funny Have decided that I will look for some leprachauns for St Patty's Day... I can't take the tree down....When I put it in the box he just stared and said I will never see that tree again....When I wheeled him in our bedroom it was up...He didn't say anything, then I asked him do you like the tree...He just laughed and said I was afraid to say anything, I thought I died and the tree made it to the other side.....Too Funny.....My sister bought him some really cool handpainted guitar ornaments that have strings and knobs...They are cool.....Decided to leave them as permanent deco....Imagine that a Christmas tree up year round...I won't put the tree up until my Freddie leaves for his new "life". Damn I hope the tree stays up for a LONG time!
Thanks for asking about me......
I need the support...
Hugs to ALL!
Delb is doing well!

I have been in close contact with Delb - daily PM's- he has been doing much better - he is only one step away from getting his dog, ( currently a friend in the area is holding it for him to find out what level of training it's at)- the wife will meet his dog tomorrow - he is, I'm sure nervous about posting - doesn't want to jinks anyoutcome is my guess... he's trying to not ride that emotional rollercoaster - but I think we will be seeing a new thread from him soon - he has made some significant changes that are helping him cope - you will hear from him soon - he's more positive and focused now! I'll let him tell you his details when he isready - but keep praying for him...:-D.. and his new dog!

Thanks for the information.


Glad to hear from you also.
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