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Jul 15, 2006
I was recently diagnosed with ALS last month on July 10, 2006 with hand and arm onset. I would like some thoughts and opinions about how long I should continue to work full time before applying for social security disability. I work in a public health dept as a program manager for HIV AIDS. Writing and typing have become increasingly more difficult. Some problems with slowed speech, would also like some ideas about what people do to supplement finances during the 5month waiting period. Any ideas would be appreciated.
You should apply for SS Disability NOW! For ALS patients who have worked for up to 40 quarters (10 years) during their life where they paid into SS are immediately eligible for SS Disability as per a new Federal Law that was created in the past few years. How do I know this? Because I was put onto SS disability within 30 days of my applying! I now receive a monthly disability check and also medicare part A part B. Both of which are paid for by the disability $. I was made aware of this federal law just a couple of months after I was diagnosed with ALS. So apply now, so that you can get your coverage soon. Now if you have not worked and paid into SS through out your life, then the answer is "nope" as to acceptace of your application. You must have paid into SS while you worked to be eligible. If you worked and paid ss for 10 total years you will then receive the maximum amount of disability. If you paid in SS for less than 10 years during your life then I think you will receive less monthly $. So go for it today. You need to have that medicare insurance. It covers things my family health plan would not. Hope I have helped you and others on this subject. Rick
Hey Blaine. Rick and I are assuming you are in the US as you didn't say and US and other countries are a lot different with benefits. AL.
Rick is absolutley right about the special SS rule concerning ALS--when my hsuband was diagnosed he never looked back and went on sick leave the next day-- he started applying for disability and had it in no careful to be thorough with all your paperwork so as not to hold it up any. Unless you really love your job and get a lot of fulfillment out of it, why not do this pronto? I would imagine there are plenty of other things you would like to be doing?!
The ALS association website has info on the special SS rule -- if the person you talk with at SS doesnt sound familiar with it get someone who does--they should know the details. This law was a blessing for PALS who want a chance to follow their dreams while they are still as able -bodied as possible.
Good Luck--Beth
hey blaine, first off im sorry you have to be going through this awful situation. i know first hand what your going through. my als started in my hand and arms. since i had a job that i needed my strength i had to quit 3 months after my diagnosed. i went on my company's short term disability and applyed for ssi. i was immediatly approved but had to wait the 5 months probably because i was only 28 and had not worked the 40 quarters. after the 5 months i got a check that was retroactive to the date i had applyed, so even though i waited i got all the benefits. now this was in 2003, dont know if laws have since changed. good luck best wishes...ray from PA
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