Daddy has ALS

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Nov 4, 2003
We just found out yesterday that my husband has ALS, coincidence since the sun is running a special section on that this week, that is how I found your site. I know we are in for a long journey, we are going to take it one day at a time. It is so hard! We just had a baby, he is concerned for her, he cries every time he looks at her (she is only 3 months old), I have a daughter from a past marriage who also loves my husband, she is 7, he filled a void for her, he is her daddy! He showed her what A dad should be, the unconditional love. I am so worried how this will change all of our lives!
I know I can cope but I am very concerned how he will deal with all this information, he has always been so busy taking care of others! I also know that my 7 year old daughter will be completely crushed.....
I am just starting to research everything over the net, any information that you may have to share would be greatly appreciated, I think the emotions and accepting this will be step number 1 for us...?

what sympthoms did he have to generate a search for the reason? It is obvious that your husband is young so I am curious about this.
many little things....

He had many little things that started to get worse, Muscle cramps, falling, slurred speach, he could not do things that he used to do with his hands, just holding a fork is difficult for him. They had him in immediately for 2 MRIs (brain and spine).... and several blood tests.
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