Dad Recently Diagnosed With ALS

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Apr 11, 2007
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My name is Michelle and my dad was diagnosed on February 20, 2007 with ALS. Boy our life has just not been the same ever since. I am very close with my parents, we live about two miles apart and talk daily. This has completely turned my world upside down. I try to stay so strong for my dad but it is so hard thinking of the things that he will be face with and is already being faced with. My dad worked until January of this year and had to quit working because he just could not get his left leg to work right any longer not to mention the lack of engery he had was just unbareable. I've been reading on this forum since my dad's diagnoses but just now got the courage to post to the forums. I am 34 years old and expected to spend at least another 25-30 years with my dad, this is the most difficult thing my family has been faced with and it is completely unfair and unbareable at times. I feel like my heart has been bruised and broken beyond repair. Thank you all for the encourging posts that I and many others read every single day!

God bless all of you!
Michelle Thomas
Hi Michelle. Sorry about your dads diagnosis. Feel free to ask any questions that you may have and I hope you use the search feature. There is a lot of information there as well. I moved your post up to the welcome new members area. AL.
Thank You

Thank you so much Al, I always enjoy reading your postings as well as many others. This forum has been such a God send for me. It's my own private time to work thru all of this in my own way. I only hope and pray that one day there is a cure for this dreadful disease. I believe with all my heart there will be and from reading other posts, I am not alone in my thinking!

Thank you again!
Hi Michelle,
First let me say how sorry I am about your dad. I know how you feel, my dad was diagnosed in Sept. of last year. This disease totally turns your life upside down. If you have questions or just want to vent your feelings feel free to contact me. I didn't know alot about this disease until i got on this web site. The people here are so friendly and will answer any question you have big or small..You and your family are in my prayers.

Hi Tonya!

Thank you so much for the warm welcome Tonya. I've read several of your postings and feel like I can relate so much to you as your "daddy" has been diagnosed with this disease as well as mine. I am such a daddy's girl and feel like I just can't get past this initial shock and anger of why my daddy! I know as time goes on it will hopefully get better and I also know with the help of everyone on the forum that I will get such support and relief that I've needed so badly over the past few months. Thank you again for the warm welcome and I look forward to communicating with you a lot! :lol:

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