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Mar 17, 2005
First I want to thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers. We can really feel God's presence in that hospital room, and it is because of all the prayers that are being sent our way. God listens.

Dad got the ventilator taken out last night, and had a trach put in. He looks so much better and does not have that panicked look in his eyes. He absolutely hated the vent. They had him sedated off and on, but he would wake up when you talk to him. Every time he would wake up, he would try to get the vent out. He is one tough cookie. Now that the trach is in, he does not try to take it out, and I know he feels much better.

He had a feeding tube put in on Thursday, and the procedure went really well. His body is adjusting to it pretty easily. They think that they are going to sit him up tomorrow which will be nice. He is getting weak from being in that bed so much. He is still able to move his limbs and move his body to change positions in bed, but he is definately weaker.

Mom and dad never discussed if he would want to be put on a trach if it ever got to that point. We wished they would have now. We hope that we made the right decisions for him. The doctors told dad about each procedure before they did them and asked if that is what he wanted and he would shake his head yes, but he has been so out of it. I hope we have done the right thing for him. Dad is a fighter, and my gut tells me that he is not ready to give up yet. Do any of you out there have trachs?
Hi Dana. Glad your dad is a bit better. You'll probably get a few posts from people on trach's. When I was first diagnosed in 03 I said I didn't want a trach but after thinking about it and looking at my quality of life if I needed it now I would go for it. I am sure you did the right thing for your dad. The trach is a lot easier than being intubated. Your dilema raises the point that the Society stresses. Make sure your family knows your wishes and just how far you want to go to stay alive. When you call the ambulance is not the time to be trying to decide if the patient really wants to be resuscitated. Sorry if I sound like I'm preaching but I have had that happen many times over the years and it is hard on the EMS people as well as the family.
brother getting trach

hi dana, my brother (age 46)went in for a peg tube thursday, suffered respitory distress, (totally unexpected) and is now intubated. he was told today that he'd need a tracheostomy. from my understanding, it is supposed to be a wonderful thing. he still has lots of quality of life left, and i think he will be more comfortable knowing he doesn't need to deal with trying to cough up his secretions. we really had a scare and i am glad he went into distress at the hospital as opposed to home.
you know, even if he had severly limited mobilty, i think he would still believe he has alot to offer. i think it is how you look at life, your attitude and your will. we never want my brother to feel he is a burden~we are so thankful he has choices with respect to care! since als runs in my family, we have seen so very many family members die of this. they were never offered these choices so i hope your dad is thankful for the choice you made, though i am sure he will be! isn't it nice to know you have choices? look at christopher reeve and how much he offered us!

i am curious to know if there are other people on this forum with a trach and what their thoughts are!

God Bless your family and i wish you well!

From the experience I have had with my dad over the last couple of days, your brother will be so happy to have the trach put in rather than have the ventilator tube down his throat. It is much more comfortable. Today was a good day for dad. He was taken off the sedation, woke up and watched tv, and even got out of bed and walked around a little (with some assistance). He finally smiled today, which I haven't seen in so long. I hope as each day goes on, he will get better and better, and we will be able to go home. I will be praying for your brother. It is absolutely no fun being in a hospital bed.
Take care,

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I am so happy that your dad is doing well. You have been on my mind so much....

Please give your dad a great big hug from someone in NY cheering him on...

Love Jen
Hey Dana,

A hug comes from me too! Send one out to your dad too. I am so glad he is doing better. He will be so much more comfortable now. I hope that he gets home and is with all of you soon. Good luck to you all.

Stay Strong, Carol
Thanks you guys. You don't know how much your posts mean to me. They are very uplifting.
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