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May 25, 2004
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Does anybody know anyone or have you ever been treated with long term use of Cytoxan or cyclophosphamide? If so did it help and how long did it take you to start to see improvement?
It is a chemotherapy drug that they sometimes treat immune disorders that can mimic symptoms of ALS or progressive muscular atrophy or multi focal motor neuropathy. I was just wondering if anyone on forum had had this treatment. It is an older chemo drug used to treat various types of cancer. The generic name is cyclophosphamide.
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thanks Al i was just wondering and David heres a post

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Thank you CIARA, my worries have been put to rest :)
Hey Kim have you and David got something going and are passing secret messages through my posts?
shhhhhhhh Al

we are planning a take over. you can help just contact David in the secret layer and we will let you in on it. but don`t tell anyone else okay.shhhhh:-D
Fantastic I love a good conspiracy theory. If they allowed us to have guns here I'd be loading up. LOL. Guess I'll have to go outside later and look for some stones for my sling shot.
And by the way before we get lost in frivolity here does anyone have any input on my original question?

I tryed to look that drug up but couldn`t find any thing and i am i look up nut case if its their i can find it. i will try again later.


new here. Did not know a site existed for pma. Have been told that pma is what I have. diagnosed'ed in 2001. legs gone arms weakening. everything else o.k. wanted to say that I was given cytoxan for about 6 months 2 years ago. dr. thought I may have had some type of immune deficiency. didn't help me at all but glad I tried it.
Thanks Brenda. I was looking for someone who had tried it. Did they try you on the Gamma Globulin IV before trying the Cytoxan?

hi Al,
Yes, I also had ivig treatments off and on for almost a year. I would get a boost and a little more movement in my feet for a week or so. After that everything went back the way it was before. Extremely dissappointing but again I had to try it.. Who's to say that it may not work for someone else. Brenda
They tried to do it with me. I did 2 days 8 hours each on IV. Didn't get any better and had an allergic reaction and rash from it my Doctor saw me in the waiting room and rushed me in and told me I was scaring his patients. I looked like Freddy Kruger from the horror movie. So I'd have to say it didn't work. The rash did go away with treatment after a few weeks.
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