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May 17, 2007
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CVS Pharnacy has 6,200 locations. They are doing their annual fundraising June3-23rd.
When I was in there Sunday (i'm there every other day) I donate everytime I go. In Timothy's name. There was an older man behind me when I was leaving, the cashier asked if he wanted to donate, he said I will help anyone who can't help themselves, but I don't know what ALS is. I turned around and went back to him and thanked him for donating and explained the disease to him, and that my brother has it. There were several people in line. Their eyes got bigger than basketballs. The general public is so unaware of this disease.
So, I asked the Manager if they had any brochures to give customers, she said no. I asked if I could print this new wire in bulk and bring it to give to customers so they can understand this horrible disease. She said yes, I modified it. I took several hundred copies.
Before when I would go into t he store, if the cashier didn't ask if I wanted to donate. I ask her why didn't she ask? Now they do!

Here is the article.

(My copy, I edited has a picture of Lou Gerhig holding his bat and it says
"Help Knock Out ALS")

***In-store campaign runs from June 3 - 23 in 6,200 CVS/pharmacy locations***

WOONSOCKET, R.I., May 30 /PRNewswire/ -- CVS/pharmacy will hold a
campaign to support ALS research in all CVS/pharmacy locations nationwide
from June 3 - 23, 2007. This is the sixth year of the annual fundraising
effort through which CVS/pharmacy has already raised nearly $8 million for
ALS research.
In the annual ALS Therapy Alliance (ATA) "Researching a Cure" campaign
for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), better known as Lou Gehrig's
disease, CVS/pharmacy employees are encouraged to ask their customers for a
$1 donation at the checkout counter. Since the fundraiser began in 2002,
nearly $8 million has been collected to help researchers better understand
the disease and search for its cure.
"CVS/pharmacy's fundraiser for ALS helps to support important research
that could result in a cure for ALS," said Eileen Howard Dunn, Vice
President, Corporate Communications and Community Relations for CVS/pharmacy. "We're proud to be a part of making a positive difference in the lives of people with ALS and their families."
"With the wonderful support of CVS/pharmacy, the ALS Therapy Alliance
has been able to develop several parallel ALS research projects that are
extremely promising," said Dr. Robert H. Brown, a member of the ATA and
co-director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Neuromuscular Clinic.
ALS is a rapidly progressing neurological disorder that attacks the motor nerve cells responsible for voluntary movement. Though the sequence of emerging symptoms and the progression rate for this adult-onset disease varies with each individual, a patient's muscles ultimately weaken and become paralyzed. The patient becomes totally trapped in their body. With their brain and hearing functioning normally. It is said that death usually occurs three to five years after diagnosis. The cause of the disease is unknown, treatments are limited and, to date, there is no cure. To learn more about ALS, visit
About CVS pharmacy
CVS/pharmacy, the retail division of CVS Caremark Corporation, is
America's largest retail pharmacy with approximately 6,200 retail
locations. CVS/pharmacy is committed to serving the healthcare needs of all
customers by being the easiest pharmacy for customers to use, both in its
stores and online at General information about CVS/pharmacy and
CVS Caremark is available at, as well as
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