Crying too easily?

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Aug 11, 2007
UMN involvement allows me to laugh easily and loudly but it also causes me to cry uncontrollably when i am sad. My ENT recently told me that allergy shots for mold are not effective and i will probably have chronic sinus infections if i stay in this area..... I burst into tears and couldn't gather myself... My ENT must have thought i was nutso! How can we control this, can we control this?
Hi Samantha. There are a couple of drugs which help control emotional lability which is what you have. Hopefully someone using them can tell us which ones they are. Sorry but I can't remember the names. Try searching emotional lability in the search feature. They might be mentioned there.
drug for emotional lability

Quinidine and dextromorphan 30/30. Apparently it's not available in a ready made pill, at least I couldn't find any pharmacy that had it. The hospital pharmacy compounds it for me (mixes the 2 powders in a capsule which I take twice a day). It has made a world of difference for me. I would also cry uncontollably at everything. Now I still cry on occasion but I can get myself under control.

I did find on the internet that some company was trying to get FDA approval for this combo but ran into problems.

Good luck!
Thank you for your help! I will ask about it...
One of the worst symptoms of my mum's experience with ALS (and there are many to choose from) is her emotional lability, she is on 50 mg amytriptyline per day.. I believe that is (or close) to the spelling. It helps her. We can now establish the difference between disturbing emotional reflexes that are part of this disease and her true laughter and sadness. It helps us to recognize the difference between a symptom and our beautiful mum. When she cries now.. I can see pain and fear and tears; before I would brush her hair the wrong way and she would "wail" for ages and then I could stub a toe and bash my head and this would then send her into fits of laughter so severe she would cough, choke and wet herself. Although this scenario sounds funny and it is for a little while.. day in and day out it becomes a draining (taking another hour to clean and change her) and upsetting (because she knows it's inappropriate and can't help herself) experience for everyone involved. Talk to your doctor and explain your concerns.. I'm sure there is something they can suggest.
I posted earlier about taking quinidine & detromethorphan 30/30 and it was helping with the emotional lability, but now after 2 months it seems not to be effective. I'm again crying over everything and nothing! Has anyone else had this loss of drug effectiveness? I have put in call to doc about increasing dose but no reply yet.
:-D I'm on 20mg Lorien (Prozac) / day for approx. two years now. Since then - all smiles!
Do the anti-depressants make you feel goofy? I had been happy with the quin/dex because it didn't make me drowsy or goofy or anything but did stop the tears.
Paula Jane,
the 30-30 mixture is called Neurodex, marketed by Avenir Pharm. I use a 75-35 ratio, and it has been working well for nearly a year.
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