Cramps Cocktail

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Aug 24, 2007
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH i have found a way to take tonic water without the BLUCK in it
Pour tonic water in a glass ,leave enough room for Lime juice maybe 1/2 -1 teaspoon
Add 1/2 -1 teaspoon sugar ,it will foam up so dont panic ,stir up and wallla ,it tastes like maybe either Grapefruit juice or 7 up .Problably depends on how much sugar you add .
Thanks George, will keep that in mind for husband!
I swear by Quinine. I get it in pill form since my clinic says I would need to drink it by the gallon to take any effect. In my area, I need a prescription but I hear you can buy the pills over the counter in soem parts of the country. I don't know if the clinic is right about takign larger doses than you'd get in a drink but I am so happy with the pills I don not intent to give them up! Cindy
Well to my knowledge FDA has Outlawed Quinine but cant outlaw Tonic water so if your getting it, Keep up the good work but if you cant get it anymore get Tonic water . And if i do one 10 oz. bottle per day it seems to help . Like i say what works for one may not work for another . But Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained .Leap Of Faith .Geo
I did get a letter from my insurance company explaining that the brand I was buying was no longer making the product. My doc says a new manufacturer had taken over. I now get it under the name of Qualaquin. An online article says that
Qualaquin® is the only FDA-approved quinine product

I did read a lot about side effects of quinine, such as increased heart rate and naseua (!) but at the end of the day, nothing else works for me so I'm sticking with it. Cindy
Go For It Kiddo ,Good for you, Good you can still get it. i'll have to remember it in case the 10oz. tonic water doesnt work anymore .Geo . ps you know its made from the bark of some tree in the Andies
Pins and needles

Hi Geo
My mother is a patient of ALS .She complains of pins and needles at night and joint stiffness. As a result she wakes up at night and has to get her position changed . They are not really like cramps but quite disturbing and uncomfortable. Do you think that your cocktail can help ?
Regards Namita
I used to drink the tonic water just before bedtime. I mixed in crystal light. The taste wasn't too bad. Unfortunately, it never really worked for me.
What works for me ,may not work for you . I cant make a decision for your Mom as to wether it would help her . I only mention things that works for me ,and to share with others who may want to try it . Geo
Darn cramps, UGGGH, I have also heard somewhere about apple-vinegar tablets helping, funny that you mention the cramping, have a bad one in my foot all day today.
Oh they are so frustrating. Geo's cocktail, is one of the most effective things I have tried.
Worth a shot

I just wanted to "bump" this thread back up, because for the last week I've been drinking the tonic water straight. I didn't mind it, but I can tell you I enjoy it a whole lot more with this "cocktail". Even with all the different views on if tonic water works or not, I figured it sure can't hurt (and with this mix it reminds me a lot of 7up).

Thanks for posting this Geo, I saw it a few months ago but just decided to try the tonic water to see if it helps.
Yap it makes you feel like you invented a new drink. LOL You can expieriment with the amounts of sugar to get different tastes and the lime , i geuss you could even add Lemon ? I dont need too much to help me . I problably buy a 6 pack of bottles and it lasts 6 months . Im not getting many cramps anymore . Geo
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