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May 14, 2008
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Hi all,
God bless you all for your time and patience with everyone. I have a quick question regarding cramps and als. I am 26 years old female and have been experiencing a left muscle cramp/stiffness that comes and goes and i dont really notice it at all when im sitting. Its hard to describle, its more like a carpert burn or something similar. This occurred a about a month and a half ago. Ive been playing basketball and walk to work everyday and i dont feel weak at all. I am very anxious and stressed becuase my late uncle had als and his son was just not diagnosed with als at age 48. Please advise. Ive been trying to get this out of my head for a month now and nothing has helped. Sometimes I cry when i think if i have it or not. Ive been to 4 general practitioners and they have tested my reflexes and strength and they say everything is normal. They say i have anxiety's. Any opinion will be very much appreciated. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
I would have to agree with your GP's: it doesn't sound alarming at all, especially given your day's activities. Also, muscle cramps can be caused by a gazillion different things. I think the only thing that will put your mind at ease is to go see a neuro. Once you do that and get the "all clear" then I'm sure your anxiety will go away.
hi wright,
thanks so much for your advice, I asked one of my doctors and they said they dont recommend sending me to a neuro because they dont see any signs or symptoms that even lean towards als. So they highly suggested that I dont see a neuro, but would recommend one If I really was persistent. Anyways, I really appreciated your time to give your opinion. I would like to add that I have not been eating alot for the past month due to anxiety and have lost about 5 pounds and have not been enjoying life as much as I use too. I am also trying to have more calclium in my body because experts say that can cause cramps, etc. I feel selfish since I have a cousin to think about who acutally has als. Thanks again. The support here is very kind and important.
hi wright,
i really appreciate your opinion yesterday. I have one more observation. Today I noticed that im feeling a little tingling in all of my left leg (my calf numbness/buring seems to be getting better though) So my question for anyone out there is cramping a major initial sign? I dont know if my leg is just cramping today just randomly or if it coincides with my fear. It does not feel weak but i definelty feel like its been falling asleep alot today. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
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