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Feb 20, 2008
Just about a month ago I began to have muscle twitches periodically, and they have become somewhat constant. They are seemingly random and a few may reoccur in the same area for a couple days but then begin in another. I get them in my legs and thighs mostly but not really in the same place, and throughout my arms and torso.

I normally wouldn't worry, but they are pretty constant (unless Im moving around a lot) that it gets pretty unnerving. Some days a little less, somedays a little more often.

Today I have experienced dull, achey, sore muscle pain in my thighs, and I haven't excercised recently which makes it weird.

More than anything it just makes it hard to get to sleep and Im a college student with a fulltime job, so that doesn't work for me.

No muscle atrophy

Looking at info on the web it seems like every symptom in the world is a a symptom of ALS, so I wanted to hear what people who actually know something think.

Let me know if Im worrying for nothing, or if I should go to the doctor.
I would not be overly concerned, these twitches without weakness and atrophy among other things are not als. I would think with your age, and the like als is highly unlikely. I would make an appt. with a doctor and have the obvious offenders ruled out.. Like anxiety, thyroid, pinched nerve, b12, and a host of others. Als is at the end of a long list, and you are really not anywhere near als. Relax.. Hoping
Hey Grant

You said that you haven't worked-out in some time. If you were going to the gym on a pretty consistent basis and then stopped . . . that can trigger the twitches you are feeling. They sound benign to me. I bet if you get back to the gym and into your old routine, they'll diminsh quite a bit . . . AND . . . I think that after you calm down and realize you don't have ALS (I don't think you do . . . and I bet everyone else on here doesn't think you have it), that will help with the twitches too. Take care.
Anxiety can cause and accelerate twitching. School and full time work can cause some anxiety I'd think.

There is also a benign fasciculation with cramps syndrome that may explain some of your issues.
I really appreciate all of you and this community, as a graphic/web designer I hope I can help design communities as useful as this one. In fact, I may contact the person hosting and offer some complimentary work to make this place even better. The rest of the web made ALS seem pretty common and scary but when you come here you get real information from real people.

Thanks to everyone of you and best of luck in the years to come.
Grant D Miller
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