Could this be Bulbar als with normal emg?

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Apr 23, 2022
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Could this be bulbar als?

Hey everyone- i wanted to hear opinions of if you think they can be bulbar als. This all started last Feb, i started noticing my words were jumbling, mumbling and people would say what a lot to me. I have some balance issues and dizziness that has been around for years. The dizziness . I’m now 38yr old male. I went to neurologist last March who ran tons of test. MRI’s, ssep, blood work and emg/ncv. Mri showed cerivical spondolytic myelopathy and stenosis in neck. The emg was normal no issues at all. He put the needle under chin, back of neck, both arms and legs. Ncv showed carpal tunnel. He said i don’t have als and need to calm down a little. I have a lot of anxiety. It’s not Oct and I’m still having the speech issues that haven’t really left. A lot of my close family friends say they don’t have nothing, but most people that don’t speak to me each day ask me to repeat. My question is , for bulbar als can i still have with a normal emg like i said back in April? Was it down to early? I spoke to neuro recently he did follow up and said I’m fine. He said he would do another emg in Nov to calm me down but it wasn’t necessary. I’m scared w reading from so many people that bulbar als they received diagnosis after having 1-2 normal emgs. Please help. Should i move on to something else since he said i don’t have and emg was normal? I’m hoping Nov emg is normal so i can than say two normal and move on. I should add it’s not all the time i speak but happens a lot that i think. Thank you .
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we aren’t going to say anything different than last time normal exam plus a normal emg that included bulbar muscles when you were symptomatic should rule out ALS. Upper motor neuron issues would be seen by your neurologist ( abnormal exam) and lower by bulbar emg which was normal.
But why do i see some people say they have 1,2 normal emgs and than 3rd showed bulbar? Is this bc it was done incorrectly?
I don’t know these people but in order of likelihood 1 they may have started upper motor neuron in which case they are not you because your exam was normal or 2 the emg did not include a bulbar screen ( yours did so not you ) and they were exceedingly early with no other symptoms on other areas 3 they are misremembering or 4 they are not genuine

now you are free to disbelieve but not to argue with us. Since you were already answered on your previous thread and here closing this one. Do not post again unless you are reporting a diagnosis of something
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