Could this be ALS

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Nov 27, 2022
Learn about ALS
Hey !

I am a 28 female and I’ve been worried about ALS for awhile now . So much so I am seeing a neurologist here soon . It was just widespread twitches now I saw where a women’s husbands ALS started in his pinky finger and started checking my pinkies and realized I could move my left non-dominant pink down without my ring finger . I can still do things normal move up down etc. I can also move it to the side my itself and bring it back to the other fingers. It’s just the one thing scaring me ! Some on Facebook told me it’s hard to move your pinky finger without the ring because they share a nerve and joint . But I can do it with my right hand . Then US ALS patient were like yes, on the Facebook group that it’s probably it . Now I am panicking . The first imagine is my right, second is my left that I noticed it in when checking . Again I can do everything else normal besides that .

I also will say I have no muscle loss, but was told that comes after you can’t do something .
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My advice is to stop reading about ALS, which I very much doubt you have, and see a doctor (even a primary care via telehealth in advance of the neuro appointment is a possibility) who can allay your panic. Facebook is not a substitute for medical care and you are only harming your mental health every minute you are building a case for ALS on, basically, nothing.
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