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Sep 14, 2007
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I am a 37 year old mother of 7 beautiful children, and one on the way, due in October.

About ten weeks ago, I started having numbness and tingling in both of my arms, but mainly my right arm. I also started having twitching all over my body that would come and go. After about a week, I began waking up at night with horrible, numbness, tingling and burning in my arms. After a few days it progressed to my legs and spine. The twitching continued to come and go. The next thing that happened was the left side of my face became numb. This also came and went. I had some blurring of vision, and short term memory loss and confusion. My husband made an appointment for me with a neurologist who did an overall exam , checked reflexes, etc. He also did bloodwork, an MRI of the brain only, I'm sure because I was pregnant, and he did a nerve conduction test on both of my wrist. Every thing came back fine, except he said I had a little carpal tunnnel in my left arm and my B12 serum was low. He put me on B12 injections, and I have now taken 5 injections.

After a couple of weeks, I began to feel better, not as fatigued and my clearness of mind returned, no more mental confusion etc. For the most part the tingling and burning episodes have gone away, no more waking up at night with horrible burning and tingling all over. The twitching seemed to go away for awhile , but in the last week it has returned, mainly concentrated in my lower legs. I also have cramping from time to time in my lower legs. My arms and legs have became increasingly tired in the last week, with some weakness. I am still able to perform daily tasks, but they get tired easily. I have not noticed any atrophy as of yet. Just mainly twitching, weakness and cramping. I do still get the numbness in the left side of my face from time to time and the last few days I have had more difficulty swallowing. I have to swallow twice when I drink water . The swallowing thing was going on weeks ago also, but it comes and goes as well. The edges of my tongue are scalloped and sometimes sore.

What does this mean ? Does any of this sound like the onset of ALS ? Do the symptoms ever include burning and tingling ? I know it could also be other things as well. My husband has suggested that after the baby is born, that I go back to a nuerologist for more thorough testing if I still have these symptoms.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. It is a scary thing to think about, and a horrible thing to think about leaving my beautiful children behind if it were ALS. I am praying it isnt.

Thanks in advance.

I think that it might be pregnancy related. I am undiagnosed but a lot of my symptoms started before my daughter was born and then have continued. My OBGYN said that sometimes it can take up to a year for a body to return to normal.

I hope that helps
pregnancy related


What kind of symptoms did you start having when you were pregnant with your daughter ? I know pregnancy can produce some strange symptoms, but I have never had anything like this before during pregnancy. Has yours gotten any better since the birth of your daughter ? Are you seeing a neurologist ? This is all very strange. I just feel so weak, like something is not right.

I started having these wierd spots before my eyes, and head tingling- that went away when she was norn but then I started having pain upon urination, crampings of the legs continues, and other symptoms have started. I have incredibly dry mouth and twitches. I have seen a neurologist who said that all of this might be hormone related.
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