could this be ALS? I am scared.

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May 30, 2022
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I have a history of gastropareisis, GERD depression and anxiety. In February I starting to get excessive saliva, blurred vision at times, tinnitus, shortness of breath, lots of phlegm and trouble swallowing. I could swallow food and water, but when I had to deep swallow like you would do with a gulp, I had a hard time doing it. Sometimes it would take several times before I could swallow. Saw. Rheumatologist said my titers were low (1:40) for Sjorgen’s. My rheumatologist said I barely had Sjorgen’s, but she couldn’t explain the few episodes of shortness of breath. She did an X-ray of the lungs and it was normal. She said see her in 6 months.
Since then my calf muscles, sometimes the bottom of my feet and thigh twitch. my left hand sometimes shakes and my right hand was never really strong (it shakes sometimes when I try to eat soup). My throat feels like sometimes that someone is putting pressure from the outside and squeezing. I am in no pain at all.
I am sorry this is so long. I don’t see a neurologist until June 21st but I am just so scared. I have 3 kids and I want to see them grow up. I have a great husband who I want to grow old with. I am just so scared. Does this sound like ALS?
Hi there-

Please make sure to read here: Read Before Posting. You list many things that are not associated with ALS at all, and which point to some other type of condition. While 3 weeks might seem like a long time when your are worried for your health, it's not far off and you will be able to speak with a neuro about your concerns and get a proper exam/have your questions addressed. This does not sound like how ALS presents itself though, so your neuro will be looking in some other direction.

Please take care
Sjogren's, you either have or not. It is a syndrome that can lead to many different types of issues, including everything you listed, whatever the titres. There are also similar/overlapping disorders, so I might consider a second rheumatology opinion if the diagnosis is in question.

Depression and anxiety only make physical problems worse, so you can make sure that you are addressing them as fully as you can. If you need more/different counseling, for example, that can be a great support.

I don't see ALS in what you have said.

Thank you so much. This is so reassuring.
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