Could this be ALS`? - Alot of weird symtoms.

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I have been here before with some symtoms of pain and weakness but got diminish by my nero after a full exam without MRI and emg.

How ever my question is if any one tried it before or hear of it, I have a big surgery comeing up in 90 days, if for ever reason I had ALS, would that speed the accelerate progression up? Im getting it done to breathe better at night.
I will be bed ride for 30 days.


I have as well a question about feeling and pain in ALS, is all kinda werid, and going crazy.

I like to play video games, when I sit at the PC, sometimes I get a HEAVY pain in my right shoulders, but the werid part is, it can be a 10/10 pain for 1 hour, and then nothing for 2-3 hours, and then it come back instant. I dont think that is normal at all for ALS or is it just me? if that was ALS, the shoulder should hurt 24/7?.

Is the same for the legs, first the right leg can hurt, then it goes over to the left leg, and sometimes both at the same times. I feel all this kinda werid. Just trying to figure out what the hell is worng with me. I do feel the weakness in my body, but can still walk, type and so. I do still have muscle twitching time to time, but that is for like ½-1 sec at the time, and not very often.
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Since you don't have ALS, none of your questions are really meaningful. The only risk of unrelated surgery is the idea of being "bedridden for 30 days." That seems odd since after most surgery you would be up and walking soon to prevent muscle atrophy and blood clots.

Intermittent/migrating pain as you describe, and occasional twitching have nothing to do with ALS onset.
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